The government is claiming Jonathan Ferris is under police protection.

Up to the time of this post, this is simply not true.

Jonathan Ferris is taking considerable risk in the interest of his country. He has been treated unfairly by a government he is suing. And yet, because unlike the government he can distinguish between the government and the state, he continues to serve the country by speaking out against corruption.

In view of what happened to Daphne Caruana Galizia six weeks ago, the state continues to let Jonathan Ferris down. That is because the government who is supposed to run the country continue to withhold protection for those who fight for what is right in this country.

What is more, the government are willing to lie and let us all think they are providing protection to Jonathan Ferris. They are not.

Now watch the trolls start speaking of police protection as if it was a gift of a privilege “li nħallsu mit-taxxi tagħna”. Watch them say that Jonathan Ferris brought any risks he is under upon himself by stepping out of the glow of Joseph Muscat’s great magnanimity. That like Daphne Caruana Galizia before him he deserves just what he’s asking for.

Because he’s not a woman there will not be too many medieval metaphors about flogging and burning at the stake. But there will be equally disgusting substitutes driven by the government’s example as it drags its feet and lies about protecting those who step up against injustice.