Street Justice

2018-03-07T16:18:40+01:00Wed, 7th Mar '18, 16:16|

I’m not a caveman. I do not want to give the impression that I think wives allow themselves to be used as mouthpieces by their husbands. Anyone who knows my wife knows that is one primordial macho prejudice I most definitely cannot have. But read through this Facebook chat started by Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi [...]

Manchurian bank

2018-03-07T15:12:25+01:00Wed, 7th Mar '18, 15:12|

Creditors and depositors of Cypriot Laiki bank are on tenterhooks to see the purchase of that bank’s shares in Lombard Bank go through. Indeed contrary to mistaken information in a The Sunday Times report, the purchase of the shares would go a long way to settle moneys owed to creditors and depositors, not the Cypriot [...]

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