Kaelin’s game

2018-03-28T05:24:14+02:00Wed, 28th Mar '18, 05:24|

Read this blog post by Freddy Gray on The Spectator. He's right. The real story on Cambridge Analytica is not so much the advice they gave to their clients. The big story is how Henley and Partners's Christian Kaelin used Cambridge Analytica to virtually own political leaders they secured the election of. Alexander Nix, [...]

Greek media report on appeal to #SaveEfimova

2018-03-29T08:49:00+02:00Wed, 28th Mar '18, 05:07|

Greek media are reporting the press conference yesterday by civil society organisations appealing to the Greek government to do the extremely unlikely and intervene to prevent the forced extradition of Maria Efimova to Malta. Interestingly Protagon goes on to describe the scene just over a week ago when Maria Efimova handed herself in. At an [...]

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