Robert Fico resigns. Joseph Muscat not.

2018-03-15T09:51:51+01:00Wed, 14th Mar '18, 20:13|

As others pass it, here we are every day failing the test of democracy. Robert Fico’s offer to resign as Prime Minister of Slovakia in the aftermath of the killing of journalist Jan Kuciak is the control sample in the experiment happening here in Malta testing the hypothesis that democracy here has failed. Robert Fico’s [...]

Withhold your consent

2018-03-15T09:49:43+01:00Wed, 14th Mar '18, 17:04|

Everyday your democracy dies a little. Speaker Anġlu Farrugia confirmed his ruling today. Simon Busuttil is not to allowed to ask whether Keith Schembri really owns accounts in Dubai and at Pilatus Bank. UNPRECEDENTED: The Speaker has confirmed that I cannot ask the PM if his Chief of Staff has a bank A/C in Dubai [...]

Having and eating cake

2018-03-15T09:50:59+01:00Wed, 14th Mar '18, 12:40|

The Times of Malta’s story today about Glen Bedingfield having risked his seat in Parliament during his term of contract with the government that expired last Christmas is interesting but, I would argue, incomplete. The constitution seeks to separate the executive from the legislative. To an extent, in the Westminster model we use this is [...]

Cheese omelette

2018-03-14T14:13:20+01:00Wed, 14th Mar '18, 10:36|

I found the ġbejna-froġa episode so mind numbingly bland and childish I could not bring myself to write about it. Then on RTK last Friday I had a bit of a laugh when Charles Briffa gave the linguistic history and Tonio Borg the parliamentary history of Maltese insults. Go to 0:25 to hear the relevant [...]

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