GUEST POST: A letter to three parties

2018-03-19T18:05:40+01:00Mon, 19th Mar '18, 18:05|

Sent in by Patricia Mifsud: I’ve just finished reading the blog-post Cambridge Analytica psyops methods were used in Malta and have been moved to write this open letter to our Members of Parliament from both sides of the House. I appeal to all present Labour and Nationalist Members to think very, very carefully about the [...]

G Farrugia Calleja: Paragons of all Journalistic Virtue

2018-03-19T17:56:40+01:00Mon, 19th Mar '18, 17:56|

By resident guest George Farrugia Calleja: Saviour Balzan, pretty much the sole mover and shaker behind Malta Today, favours the stern and concerned look to adorn the area of his portal from where his opinion is disseminated. Raphael Vassallo, a writer of long standing with Malta Today, uses a picture that tends to confirm to [...]

Cambridge Analytica psyops methods were used in Malta

2018-03-19T17:44:54+01:00Mon, 19th Mar '18, 10:54|

The whistle-blower explaining to the British press how Cambridge Analytica helped the Trump campaign win the 2016 election describes a methodology he calls “the psychological warfare tool” used in Malta at least since March 2015. Briefly the method is harvesting massive data from Facebook to allow campaigners to profile what makes people tick from their very [...]

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