The mole within

2018-04-30T21:12:25+02:00Mon, 30th Apr '18, 21:05|

Jason Azzopardi this evening in Parliament revealed the name of the police officer who is suspected by senior police staff to have tipped off the Degiorgios ahead of their arrest presumably to give them sufficient notice to dispose of evidence prior to their arrest. Alfred and George Degiorgio together with Vince Cassar are alleged to [...]

GUEST POST: Helplessness

2018-04-30T10:03:39+02:00Mon, 30th Apr '18, 10:03|

By an anonymous author known to me: One gets the impression that the indifference of the opponents of this regime's iron-fist rule and non-observance of the rule of law, is not only by the official Opposition but by and large, by the general public as well. There was a time when what later turned out [...]

While thousands marched …

2018-04-30T08:52:34+02:00Mon, 30th Apr '18, 08:52|

While the protest to demand truth was ongoing in upper Republic Street a few paused to reflect on truth's great champion. We owe her so much and yet we cannot repay her.

The world is watching

2018-04-30T07:32:02+02:00Mon, 30th Apr '18, 07:32|

"Malta rallies against state corruption". That headline on The Guardian does not only make civil society activists who called yesterday's march proud, though I can testify to the fact that it does do that. That headline makes everyone in Malta except those personally profiting from corruption proud. This is how we save face from the [...]

Message from Maria Efimova

2018-05-02T10:15:56+02:00Mon, 30th Apr '18, 07:19|

The following message was sent yesterday to the civil society Action for Justice and Truth called by #occupyjustice and Awturi. A transcript follows: Transcript: Dear #occupyjustice, Awturi and all of you who have joined them today, It is a great honour for me to address you. I would sincerely wish to be present personally. [...]

Eyes front

2018-04-30T07:09:42+02:00Mon, 30th Apr '18, 07:09|

Several thousand people gathered yesterday in Valletta called there by #occupyjustice and Awturi to demand truth and justice. It would be inconsistent with the principle that it does not matter how large the crowd is for truth to be true to say one is glad at the turnout. As Rachel Williams put it in her [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES EDITORIAL: Populist and unpatriotic

2018-04-29T08:45:07+02:00Sun, 29th Apr '18, 08:45|

This is how today's Leader on The Sunday Times starts: "Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s first reaction to the Daphne Project revelations – urging Labour supporters to attend the party’s May Day celebrations in large numbers – was outrageous. It is the sort of thing one would expect from an authoritarian leader who only pays lip [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Justice and truth

2018-04-29T08:31:33+02:00Sun, 29th Apr '18, 08:31|

From my piece in The Sunday Times today: "Will your presence in Valletta add up to a crowd that compares favourably with Labour’s sea of angry zealots? No. Do you need it to? No. Should you rather stay at home? No. Because this country belongs to you too and even as they ride roughshod over [...]

GUEST POST: To live without strings

2018-04-29T00:57:52+02:00Sun, 29th Apr '18, 00:56|

Guest post by D.M.: To live without strings A pat on the back With a grin on the side. Shameless in their interest, And whatever else they hide. In boasts of a majority Lies secret their intent. The corruption that they bathe in, Is to them a compliment. They watch and wait for your reaction; [...]


2018-04-29T07:43:37+02:00Sun, 29th Apr '18, 00:50|

Guest post by Andrew Borg Cardona: If you’re sick of the stench of corruption and vileness that has enveloped the country since Joseph Muscat scuttled up the steps to Castille, you know where you need to be on Sunday afternoon. If you’re sick of the ignorance and outright thuggishness that have become the standard form [...]

GUEST POST: Tomorrow is about you

2018-04-29T00:50:46+02:00Sat, 28th Apr '18, 21:30|

Guest post by Alessandra Dee Crespo This is how I see it. The Vigils held on every sixteenth day of each month are for Daphne. To remember her with gratitude. To remember her sacrifice. To assuage our conscience for leaving her to fight the battles alone. To show solidarity to her husband, to her parents, [...]

Tomorrow, make some noise

2018-04-28T08:01:17+02:00Sat, 28th Apr '18, 08:01|

Tomorrow is not a vigil. God knows Daphne Caruana Galizia deserves one everyday. And if we're fighting for truth and justice today it's because Daphne lived her life doing so until she was killed for it. We will continue to remember and remind and insist that justice is done for her and her family for [...]

The secrets they wanted kept

2018-04-27T19:14:39+02:00Fri, 27th Apr '18, 19:05|

Confidentiality rules are intended to protect businesses from the abusive behaviour of competitors. They are not intended to protect criminals by hiding their crimes. If a business’s records are stolen and passed to a competitor or publicly leaked, that’s industrial espionage. That business has a clear right to complain. Unless of course what they were [...]

Chris Cardona’s chief of staff is cousin and buddy of Police Commissioner

2018-04-27T18:56:44+02:00Fri, 27th Apr '18, 18:51|

Mario Azzopardi, introduced by Chris Cardona as his chief of staff and close friend, is the cousin of Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar. Chris Cardona's Ministry website lists another person as his Chief of Staff. However Mario Azzopardi's Facebook page says he is "self-employed" at the "Ministry for Economy". His self-employment might be referring to the [...]

The Great Fejn Hu l-Leptopp Debate

2018-04-27T19:08:10+02:00Fri, 27th Apr '18, 17:35|

A moron is who moronic does. Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, who may know a thing or two about rotten teeth and is therefore obviously qualified to run our science and technology council, barged in like a teenage gatecrasher at a royal wedding and loaned his wisdom to the Great Fejn Hu l-Leptopp Debate and looked up [...]

Free Expression for Idiots

2018-04-27T16:29:12+02:00Fri, 27th Apr '18, 15:57|

I feel like a proper patronising sod lecturing Fundamental Rights 101, treating my well informed readers like idiots. But then I know my readers include Owen Bonnici, Jason Micallef and his English-Maltese translator, Deo Debattista, Mario Azzopardi and so on, and I realise that there’s a full range of readers and a little patronising is [...]

Ali Sadr denied bail. Trial date to be set on 16th May.

2018-04-27T07:18:19+02:00Fri, 27th Apr '18, 07:18|

The United States federal court has denied Ali Sadr's request for bail pending his trial for multiple counts of bank fraud and sanctions busting. Ali Sadr's lawyers argued for bail including the argument that the Maltese authorities had certified that he was under no suspicion for his activities at Pilatus Bank. In spite of this [...]

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