Go on then, get a life

2018-03-18T22:33:30+01:00Sun, 18th Mar '18, 22:33|

Joseph Muscat's foot soldiers had a visual message for the people who think there's anything wrong with this country. If you can't see yourself cheering the government, get drunk, get drugged, dance your concerns away. Everybody's doing it anyway. If you're not at this party, you may as well be dead. So #GetALife. Here are [...]

The lie

2018-03-18T22:17:40+01:00Sun, 18th Mar '18, 22:14|

If you’ve been reading The Guardian and The Observer about the whistle-blower from Cambridge Analytica you must be disturbed by the complete callousness of the billionaires who have been able to apply technology to swing majorities in the most sophisticated democracies in the world to accept and clamour for fabrications and untruths. This is the [...]

The Cambridge Analytica story

2018-03-18T09:51:07+01:00Sun, 18th Mar '18, 09:51|

The technology genius who worked for Cambridge Analytica has come out in detailed interviews for The Guardian/Observer. Read this detailed story here. Cambridge Analytica is a subsidiary of SCL Elections, a firm close to Henley and Partners. SCL Elections is known to have manipulated elections in St Kitts and Nevis, the outcome of which has [...]


2018-03-18T08:17:43+01:00Sun, 18th Mar '18, 08:17|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "The Prime Minister, who devised the sale of Maltese citizenship, enjoys cult hero status in this country. He has apparently found the final solution to pressures on public finances: a goose with an infinite supply of golden eggs that can pay for all the vices and inefficiencies [...]

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