Face it

2018-03-04T17:30:59+01:00Sun, 4th Mar '18, 17:30|

We often speak of Joseph Muscat’s new clothes. His delusional imperialism rests on clay feet that everyone can see but those who would rather not, especially the naked emperor himself. But what is Adrian Delia smoking that allows him not to shudder in the cold? The Nationalist Party, heir to generations of political thinkers, expert [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: First one down

2018-03-04T08:16:58+01:00Sun, 4th Mar '18, 08:14|

The first to go is freedom of speech. And it will not be a scene out of 1984, with miserably clad drones crossing their fists to black and white propaganda playing on the screen of a dingy cinema. It will be an ordinary sunny day that people will treat just like any other. The day [...]

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