What a difference a decade makes.

2018-03-02T15:43:26+01:00Fri, 2nd Mar '18, 15:43|

This was in my LinkedIn inbox today. And in the inbox of many others I should expect. I'm flying back to Malta right now so I will not make it to the Valletta march organised by Il-Kenniesa. I'm no less grateful for 10 years less four months of a running commentary on the degeneration of [...]

Looking for Joseph (Mifsud)

2018-03-02T09:45:23+01:00Fri, 2nd Mar '18, 08:48|

The case of the self-anointed “Professor” Joseph Mifsud is getting more and more mysterious. Straight out of a cold war spy story is this middleman who appears, strangely, to have been acting on behalf of the Russians in an effort to create a mess in United States politics. You can read some more about the [...]

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