Dubai: The morning after the night before

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Watch this first: April 21st, 2017. Next read this: Edward Zammit Lewis: Ali Sadr was only carrying clothes. Then read this: When Edward Zammit Lewis paid a million euro to the air company that carries bags … with clothes. Now watch this. Someone in Dubai was watching. Expensive way of carrying the laundry.

Filii dolorosi stabant iuxta matrem mortuam

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Unlike Edwin Vassallo I am not a religious person. And unlike Edwin Vassallo I do not wish to dive into the abortion debate at a point when Labour plants the issue to distract the nation from its leadership’s crimes. But I cannot resist logic when I see it and I see plenty in Edwin Vassallo’s [...]

Is Edward Scicluna getting instructions from Ali Sadr?

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Edward Scicluna stood in Parliament defending the decision of the MFSA not to use its powers at law to suspend Pilatus Bank’s banking license. He patronisingly attempted to explain the nuance, too obscure for us mere mortals to comprehend, of the distinction between Ali Sadr as Chairman and Director of the Bank and the bank [...]

When Edward Zammit Lewis paid a million euro to the air company that carries bags … with clothes

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Eleven months ago this week we were all following news as it broke minute by minute. Daphne Caruana Galizia reports Pilatus Bank holds evidence Michelle Muscat owns Egrant. Michelle Muscat denies it. Joseph Muscat says there's nothing to investigate. Lawrence Cutajar eats fried rabbit. Ali Sadr sneaks out of the bank with bags. If we [...]

Maria Efimova from prison: “Please thank those who are supporting me. I am tired. I don’t know how long I can last.”

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Maria Efimova called me from a pay-phone in the woman's prison in Athens this morning asking me to pass her thanks to all those who have been and are supporting her. She told me she has been informed of the statements of support since the beginning of her detention in Malta and outside and she [...]