Lombard share sale: some questions

2018-03-17T19:52:42+01:00Sat, 17th Mar '18, 19:52|

The PN and the PD raised questions on the government using money from selling passports to buy up Maltese banks. If there was something that worked reasonably well in this country it was domestic banks. There are problems to be sure. But outliving 2008 was a tough test by any standard. The increase in government [...]

Not royalty

2018-03-17T16:21:54+01:00Sat, 17th Mar '18, 16:21|

When I saw pictures of the Muscat children at the Commonwealth meeting in London I thought what most people did. The argument has been made so many times before. They missed school again because they went on a work trip with daddy. Other parents get fined for just the same thing. There are laws that [...]

Not the Argonaut

2018-03-17T16:33:39+01:00Sat, 17th Mar '18, 15:41|

Jason Micallef, the hobbit from the land so great they get gardeners to run their culture festivals, went ballistic again because a banner was hung on a bridge covering one of his two hundred 'European Capital of Culture' banners. Here's his Facebook post from yesterday. "Another act of provocation". Once again Jason Micallef, provoking what? [...]

Andrew Borg-Cardona: Anti-SLAPP slapped down

2018-03-17T07:53:31+01:00Sat, 17th Mar '18, 07:53|

The following guest piece by Andrew Borg Cardona is in reaction to Minister Jose' Herrera's article this morning in the Times of Malta. Herrera gives 'reasons' for the government's no-longer silent refusal to protect Malta's journalists and prevent the chilling effect of the threat of libel tourism. Environment Minister Jose' Herrera, a lawyer by profession [...]

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