MEPs to European Central Bank: Shut Pilatus down!

2018-03-27T06:26:23+02:00Tue, 27th Mar '18, 06:26|

Members of the European Parliament, who have been following up on corruption and rule of law in Malta, have written to Mario Draghi of the European Central Bank and asked him to shut down Pilatus Bank and withdraw its license. The move follows the government's failure to close down Pilatus Bank in spite of the [...]

GUEST POST: The argument for unity

2018-03-27T06:01:55+02:00Tue, 27th Mar '18, 06:01|

By Charles Schembri. Needless to say the views of guests are not always entirely consistent with the editorial line of this site. But debate, if backed by cogent argument, is always welcome. Particularly in a liberal democracy a country’s statute of laws, the executive and its agencies, especially those institutions that enable and ensure the [...]

GUEST POST: Coming up on 6 months

2018-03-27T05:39:13+02:00Tue, 27th Mar '18, 05:39|

By Pat Azzopardi Preziosi: I saw this photo and I started crying again. I cried for the stolen childhood of three boys who have had to live their lives knowing that their mother was hated, maligned and lied about. I cried because these three boys couldn’t really bond with their beloved pets because their pets [...]

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