“This won’t stop here”

2018-03-25T07:56:53+02:00Sun, 25th Mar '18, 07:56|

It takes formidable courage to be Jonathan Ferris and Maria Efimova in these times. And you need to be of exceptionally rare character in a world where people rarely do anything for nothing to give up so much purely because you’re right and being told to shut up will not stop you believing that. When [...]

Swiss media reports on connections with Ali Sadr

2018-03-25T07:01:56+02:00Sun, 25th Mar '18, 07:01|

Luzerner Zeitung reports on the connections in Switzerland of Ali Sadr now in a US jail indicted for multiple counts of fraud and sanctions laws breaches. "Traces of Malta thriller in Zug and St Gallen" is the headline of the story that reports on the existence of Clarity Trade & Finance SA, based in the canton [...]

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