Never forget

2018-03-09T11:03:04+01:00Fri, 9th Mar '18, 11:03|

Yesterday I wrote that the manner of the removal of the court decision against Yanica Barbara from the public record ought to be investigated. Owen Bonnici stepped up and spared the need to investigate. ‘I did it’. He ‘explained’ to the Times of Malta this was applying the legal principle of ‘the right to be [...]

The eighth task of Asterix

2018-03-09T10:36:23+01:00Fri, 9th Mar '18, 10:01|

Lawyers for Jonathan Ferris this morning filed yet another protest on his behalf giving a detailed account of the sort of runaround he is being given by the authorities whose interest lies in him remaining silent. We are supposed to have whistle-blower protection in this country. The theory is that when the bosses are corrupt, [...]

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