G Leone Ganado: More questions on Keith Schembri’s finances

2018-03-20T19:08:10+01:00Tue, 20th Mar '18, 19:08|

By regular correspondent Godfrey Leone Ganado: The parliamentary question as to whether Keith Schembri has a bank account in Dubai and at Pilatus Bank will remain unanswered, thanks to Anġlu Farrugia who owes much to the government may have been inclined to protect his masters from the opposition’s scrutiny. I too, like Simon Busuttil, have [...]

N Vella: Under Siege

2018-03-20T18:36:38+01:00Tue, 20th Mar '18, 18:36|

I'm not translating Norman Vella's verses to English. Translating poetry does not really work. This was first published on Newsbook. Taħt assedju Iltaqgħu xemgħa u fjura, Ġewwa misraħ f’nofs il-Belt, Tħallew minn tfajla mbikkma, Għajn ta’ tama f’dan il-għelt.   Hemm, imħares minn tliet ġganti, Weqfin, siekta, viġilanti, Tpoġġa nkwatru b’wiċċ ta’ mara, B’daqqa t’għajn [...]

Greek MEP appeals to Greek authorities to prevent extradition to Malta: it “would seriously jeopardize her life”

2018-03-20T18:32:36+01:00Tue, 20th Mar '18, 18:28|

Left MEP and journalist Stelios Kouloglou is calling on the Greek government to grant Maria Efimova protection from Malta's request for her extradition. He has been helping Maria Efimova with an appeal to the Greek Ministry for Home Affairs for a Greek residency permit having already been declined by the Cretan authorities. She has been [...]

MEPs ask Greek authorities to protect Maria Efimova and family

2018-03-20T18:02:24+01:00Tue, 20th Mar '18, 18:02|

Members of the ad-hoc Rule of Law Delegation to Malta stated: It has come to our attention that Russian whistleblower Maria Efimova, in fear for her life and the security of her family, walked into the Greek police, in Athens, last night, asking for protection. Maria Efimova is a material witness in investigations on corruption [...]

We’re in for the long haul

2018-03-20T15:23:29+01:00Tue, 20th Mar '18, 15:23|

If anyone thinks there’s any quick way out of the country’s current predicament they have another thing coming. This is not a battle that can be won with a single great find, a single major development that will bring about everyone’s realisation that change is necessary. Positions are entrenched. The local mafia is not merely [...]

Prestigious New York state institution grants free speech award to Daphne Caruana Galizia

2018-03-20T08:06:54+01:00Tue, 20th Mar '18, 07:56|

Daphne Caruana Galizia will be honored posthumously with the 2017 Tully Award for Free Speech, presented by the Newhouse School’s Tully Center for Free Speech at Syracuse University. The Tully Center for Free Speech is located at the Samuel Irving Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York was started in 2006 with a bequest from Joan A. Tully, a 1969 graduate of [...]

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