It’s too late to pretend Ali Sadr has nothing to do with Malta

2018-03-29T14:54:52+02:00Thu, 29th Mar '18, 14:54|

Ali Sadr's arrest damages Malta. It does not matter he's not accused of crimes committed in Malta. That's only because he's not being arraigned in Malta by Maltese authorities for breaching Maltese laws. But he's been arraigned in the United States by US authorities for breaching American laws. It does not matter he's not accused [...]

‘The Liquidator’ is now ‘The Warden’

2018-03-29T14:34:54+02:00Thu, 29th Mar '18, 14:34|

Last November I wrote about political appointments that reduce our country's ability to protect human rights. Here's how I had reacted to Andy Ellul's appointment to head the Monitoring Board for Detained Persons. "A prison monitoring board is not appointed to implement government policy. On the contrary it is set up by law under our [...]

Andrea Purgatori contrasts the consequences of journalists being killed in Slovakia and Malta

2018-03-29T13:23:27+02:00Thu, 29th Mar '18, 13:23|

In his weekly Atlantide on La7 Andrea Purgatori yesterday discussed freedom of expression in a world of data manipulation, persecution of whistle-blowers and the killing of journalists. Here are links to two extracts from yesterday's show. Data Killer, l'uccisione di Daphne Caruana Galizia nel racconto di Andrea Purgatori Data Killer, le società offshore a Malta [...]

Panto banker

2018-03-29T10:38:55+02:00Thu, 29th Mar '18, 09:41|

This is from last year's La Valette u t-Tlett Muskuttieri Maltese language panto. There's an Ali Sadr character singing an Abba tune. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY Jekk xi muniti msaddin, bhad-deheb u l-fidda nġibhom jien, l-aqwa żmien! Liri jew ewro imkemmxin, inġibhom ġodda mogħddijin, minxurin. Jien ix-xogħol tiegħi ta’ bankier Indur mad-dinja, b’dal-mistier L-Indja, l-Amerika [...]

The bank’s auditors

2018-03-29T10:40:59+02:00Thu, 29th Mar '18, 08:17|

In order for things to work we have to rely on audit firms to verify and certify claims made by companies. It is not a uniquely Maltese problem that audit firms end up facing dilemmas between their duty to act as independent officials in the public interest and service providers obliged to act on behalf [...]

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