Premature ejaculation appears to be a common affliction among politicians. Adrian Delia’s o-face was all over TV. For a few minutes.

Follow the logic:

One: The report has not been published in full, and the PN wants it published in full so we can determine the truth.

Two: Simon Busuttil must resign. I asked him to.

Has he accepted?

Three: I suppose he wants to read the full report first. This happened so quickly.

Am I the only one seeing the contradiction in this? Why didn’t Adrian Delia also wait for the full report to make the judgement? Why was he so quick to take instructions from Joseph Muscat?

Because this too was planned by Joseph Muscat and is part of the narrative that kicked in the moment the prime minister got hold of the report of the inquiry that alleged his wrongdoing.

Adrian Delia has been waiting to see the back of Simon Busuttil since before he was elected to replace him. He wanted to see the back of him since before he ran to replace him. Now, he felt, was the right time.

And his political allies will follow. David Casa was named. Others unnamed will be soon.

One by one they’ll be publicly repudiated and tied to the tumbrel.

Like Saturn, the PN is devouring its children. It is repudiating what it stood for. It is changing sides betraying its people, its history and itself in the process.

Today the political marriage between Joseph Muscat and Adrian Delia has been consummated. Quickly and indecorously. Any dissenters have been asked to look at the blood-stained
sheets, “assume their responsibility” and leave.

We inherit Daphne Caruana Galizia’s isolation. Chris Cardona went on TV this afternoon – he who must now be believed — to round up activists: Kenniesa, Occupy Justice and so on. Neither of the two parties now defend protest or dissent.

We are witnessing an undeclared coup. The tearing up of history. The cancellation of facts. The erasure of memory.

We are alone accused of madness, of sedition and of deceit by the only two political parties in parliament.

They want us to feel alone. They want us to feel like no one is asking the same questions we are asking. They want us to accept that asking the questions is treasonous. 

And truly, they are one.