Sent in by Edward Mallia in the discussion about the ‘fake signature’ story. I’m putting it here as well because no one should miss this:

I am not sure of this business of “copies” of signatures. According to the book The Panama Papers, which mentions the Leticia Montoya of the French video, on p.173 there are two paras. about nominee directors. : For everyday use, Mossack Fonseca repeatedly instructs its nominee directors to sign all sorts of blank documents….. “. And the second para. starts with: And it gets even more absurd: in the data we find file after file containing masses of blank signed pa. Empty white pages with the signatures of three nominee directors in various combinations….. These white pages could, in theory, become anything: a purchase agreement, a new Power of Attorney, the Closure of the Company.

Perhaps one ought to inform magistrate Bugeja about this matter. For let’s face it there is no reason why the actual signature on one of 20 blank pages should closely correspond to the signatures, one or two, demanded of Jacqueline Alexander by the U.K. Forensic Accounting Firm. And this quite apart from whether the Magistrate has actually seen Alexander’ signature for himself.

To conclude: any statement by Alexander that she never signed that sort of document has two weaknesses; the first and very much the major one is that the Mossack Fonseca practice of signed blank pages robs that statement of any weight; the second is that Alexander was involved in at least one scam: a Canada-Chile set-up designed to avoid tax payments in Chile on profits made in Chile, while hiding under minimal payments of tax in Canada.

By way of background, The Panama Papers leaked files often showed that the sanctimonious preaching by Mossack-Fonseca of their civic virtues were often sheer hypocrisy, their actual practice being the dead opposite.