If you’re one to look away from Facebook because of the vile inanities on it, I don’t blame you. But sometimes, just sometimes, you need to know what your fellow countrymen are prepared to say when they stumble on something they disagree with. Earlier this week I posted a link to my post inviting people to attend a vigil this Thursday marking the 10th month since Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed.

The reactions are still flowing in, almost all of them hostile. I am providing you with a sample here. I worry that some people who have tried to articulate the same degree of venom may feel left out. For completeness sake, I’m including a live link to the post at the bottom so everyone gets their chance to shine.

Here I’ve sorted them in categories for convenience.

1. Those who want me to die

2. Those who think I should vanish

3. Those who think I need medication

4. Those who are careful what to say because they’ve been convicted before for doing this sort of thing

5. Those who resort to slander that not even the Labour Party ever thought of trying

6. Those who hate Daphne and will find any occasion to let the world know

7. And those who hate for hate’s sake

Remember this was just a sample. If you enjoyed that, here’s the rest of it.