The PN’s lawyer had Joseph Muscat on the witness stand today, under oath. He had two questions to ask him. One: who did Egrant belong to? Two: did you ask Brian Tonna to whom Egrant belonged?

The Prime Minister knows the answer to these questions and has been dodging them playing hide and seek with an entire country, a game he has the duty to stop playing.

The PN’s lawyer had him in his crosshairs today. He had him under oath on the witness stand from where he could not hide: a rare occurrence, an unrepeatable opportunity. But the PN lawyer did not ask Joseph Muscat these crucial questions.

This morning Adrian Delia tweeted “Let’s get to the truth. Let’s do justice”.

So why didn’t he ask for the truth?

I don’t understand this. Joseph Muscat has been dodging this simple question for months. He stopped giving uncontrolled TV interviews for almost a year. Anyone standing in Parliament asking the question is harangued, threatened with exile and interrupted to the point of insanity. He gives no account of himself except to fake tears in press conferences saying reports only he has seen vindicate him.

If Egrant is not his, then whose was it? Since his accountant set it up and caused him so much grief for having done so on the same day he set up companies for Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri, has he asked Brian Tonna whose Egrant was? And what was his answer?

Is there really a more important question to ask the prime minister on this subject right now?

The PN found a few this morning in its examination of Joseph Muscat on the stand but not this one. Here’s the Times of Malta blow by blow account of this morning’s events in court. You keep waiting for the important question to be asked and it never is.

I can’t help the feeling I’m watching a drama acted out from a script. The PN leadership is either utterly and unforgivably incompetent or worse. The PN is most of Malta’s Parliamentary Opposition. Today, again, they failed in the one job they have: hold Joseph Muscat to account.