From my article in The Sunday Times today:

“You’d expect all those self-appointed apotheoses of leadership – 65 MPs – to be doing something about the allegations. But they are not, because they turn out not to possess one leadership bone in all their bodies.

“All these MPs, sitting across the House, are concerned with their own political survival above all else. And none see that survival compatible with taking a stand against corruption, whether bribery or the abuse of political office to fight personal battles.

“For what is leadership if not the skill and the ability to persuade people to change their minds and act in a way contrary to their initial instincts?

“What is leadership if not Labour MPs calling out Muscat for covering up corruption, and by extension being corrupt himself, to replace him with a cleaner leader for whom politics is but a force for good?

“What is leadership if not Nationalist MPs calling out Delia for fighting his separation from his wife over their party’s media, using his influence and his authority to strong-arm his way out of bullying accusations?”

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