Please see this post on Lovin Malta reviewing a new TV show on PN TV station Net. It’s in that Lovin Malta taking the Mickey style of theirs so you might at first get the impression this is a breezy crit of another painfully unwatchable piece of junk on Maltese television. Who the hell watches this stuff? These people don’t vote, do they?

But it’s more serious than that. This is not about the unmitigated mediocrity, the unintended Plan 9 from Outer Space look and feel, the painful cringefest that you would not wish on your worst enemy.

This is about an unrepentant dirty old man creepily talking underage girls, as the whole word watches him do it, into stripping down to their bra and panties. Fortunately, some of them have the strength and personality to point out that asking them to take photos in underwear when they aren’t even 16 is out of order.

The initial resistance of a 13-year-old girl, whose only fault is her impressionable age, climbs down from no to maybe to yes. Because since no one thought this TV presenter who vaunts his worldly experience and presumed experience in the fashion world she dreamily wishes to join that no means no, why should she be expected to know it herself?

The man concerned is John Busuttil who, by his own admission, has absolutely no credentials in fashion except perhaps that he occasionally wears clothes and has no experience whatsoever in the business. His claim to being an aesthete is having for years watched movies for free courtesy of the local distributor to produce inane and utterly incompetent film reviews for PN newspapers.

He appears to have been selected to judge this ‘modelling competition’ purely because he’s into underage girls and, as it turns out, is inordinately fascinated by breasts.

Now I don’t wear hair-shirts under my clothes and my eyes are known to break the shackles of virtue on occasion. But has everyone forgotten that television is supposed to keep to some sort of standard and if men still think they can objectify women on TV and talk with abandon about other women’s breasts even while they’re in the room squirming, they at least should have the basic decency not to do so about minor, under-age girls who do not have the legal faculty to consent to this sort of treatment.

And then there was that old chestnut. Russian girls are beautiful … and easy. Because sexism is not enough when you can be racist too.

And this is on the Nationalist Party’s TV station jekk jogħġbok. 

Perhaps the MNPN might spend some time reviewing this child molesting horror in between their unanimous motions supporting their leader against his wife’s accusations of beating her and the children and say something about it. Like a declaration of sympathy and unqualified support for the man of the story.