GUEST POST: Corruption under the carpet

2019-02-11T09:04:05+01:00Mon, 11th Feb '19, 09:04|

This is the first of two parts of Annika Palome's review of the aftermath of the Panama Papers. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow. The Court of Appeals has blocked a magisterial inquiry into possible money laundering allegedly committed by members of Joseph Muscat’s Cabinet and exposed by the Panama Papers. The inquiry was requested [...]

Repubblika asks EC to act as Malta fails to implement EU anti-money laundering law when facing corrupt politicians

2019-02-11T09:31:58+01:00Sun, 10th Feb '19, 11:35|

Repubblika has submitted formally to the European Commission a complaint on the breach of European laws by the Maltese authorities that are not enforcing anti-money laundering laws in respect of persons in power. The legal basis in EU law for Repubblika’s complaint is the following:  Breach of the provisions of Directive 2005/60/EC (AML3) as succeeded [...]

Anton Refalo acquitted of domestic violence charge after son and wife refused to testify

2019-02-08T17:54:32+01:00Fri, 8th Feb '19, 17:11|

Labour MP and former Minister Anton Refalo has been acquitted by Magistrate Joe Mifsud from the charge of domestic violence after his son, whom he was accused to have beaten, refused to testify against his father. There were no other eye-witnesses to the incident except Anton Refalo's wife who also refused to testify. The Magistrate [...]

Gimme hope Jo’anna

2019-02-08T15:33:32+01:00Fri, 8th Feb '19, 15:33|

One TV asked the Great Leader for his top 10 desert island discs. You'd be tempted to groan 'who cares?' But this is Malta and nobody laughs at jokes about fawning Radio Moscow staff chasing Joseph's favourite recording of Tchaikovsky's sixth. Joseph Stalin that is. Our own Joseph's top 10 list includes 'Gimme Hope Jo'Anna' [...]

In the artist’s head

2019-02-08T12:45:25+01:00Fri, 8th Feb '19, 12:45|

I do not presume to teach Patrick Dalli what makes good art. I don’t presume to teach that to anyone, frankly. I know what I like but it doesn’t mean I know why it’s good. I know what I can afford to spend which I accept has nothing to do with value. Times of Malta [...]

STAR COMMENT: They can’t even bear the question

2019-02-08T08:55:30+01:00Fri, 8th Feb '19, 08:55|

ML AERIS sent this under the post about the daily grind of replacing protest symbols at the Great Siege Memorial because they're removed by State-employed, State-sponsored or State-mobilised thugs. Yesterday that State's lawyers argued I have no legal standing to argue this is a breach of the right of freedom of expression because I didn't [...]

Raphael’s anal discharge

2019-02-07T14:04:23+01:00Thu, 7th Feb '19, 14:04|

Raphael Vassallo headlined his weekly column with this title: “‘Freedom of expression’ also means the freedom to talk out of your ass”. Never has a more appropriate heading been chosen for the article that would follow it. His main thrust is freedom of expression in Malta is a-ok and the moaners that complain it isn’t [...]

Guilty as fuck

2019-02-07T05:43:11+01:00Thu, 7th Feb '19, 02:51|

The Department of Information last night issued what must be, in the annals of its hallowed history, the most despicably iron-curtain piece of Newspeak ever to have been officially published by a government not bearing a hammer and a sickle on its badges. It took plenty of time to reach its point. There’s that classic [...]

Cinema Paradiso

2019-02-06T11:35:22+01:00Wed, 6th Feb '19, 11:35|

Twenty-nine years ago a great Italian movie won the best foreign language film Academy award. It was Cinema Paradiso that had been made two years before by Giuseppe Tornatore. Twelve years later the director revisited that film and gave it the Director’s treatment. It told the story of a young boy who grew up in [...]

Let’s give stupidity a chance

2019-02-06T09:24:35+01:00Wed, 6th Feb '19, 09:24|

As one commenter put it on the YouTube post of this video, this is the Pet Shop Boys song you never thought you needed. Another one said this could become the national anthem of a few countries now.


2019-02-06T08:18:10+01:00Wed, 6th Feb '19, 08:16|

Watch these 49 seconds of venom first. It will do miracles for your digestion. This tribalism is mainstream. A Labour Party MP who is not part of government out of his own strategic and cunning choice telling supporters Labour must “take care of its own” is not shocking in a country where political parties [...]

Stupid is who stupid does. Like Jean Claude Micallef.

2019-02-05T14:22:51+01:00Tue, 5th Feb '19, 14:22|

This morning I commented on how remarkable it was to see the daughter of the victim of a terrorist attack chide racists for attributing collective responsibility to all Somalis because of the crime committed by the Somalis who had just murdered her father. She didn’t but I called the people who think like this, stupid. [...]

Enrobed sleuths

2019-02-05T11:53:57+01:00Tue, 5th Feb '19, 11:40|

A couple of weeks ago Jason Azzopardi proposed in Parliament the appointment of a magistrate focusing only on corruption. He said the magistrate should be appointed by the President with the power to investigate corruption on their own initiative and without needing to rely on the Police. That’s not an entirely original idea. Alfred Sant [...]

The science of stupid

2019-02-05T11:43:46+01:00Tue, 5th Feb '19, 10:01|

She had just heard her father had died, shot by terrorists in Somalia. Never mind the shock and anguish and sorrow at the great loss. Just think of the logistical nightmare that a mourning daughter has to face to get things done properly in a situation like this. And yet the daughter of Paul Anthony [...]

Every day

2019-02-05T09:09:13+01:00Tue, 5th Feb '19, 09:09|

I don't think the government think much about the flowers, candles and protest messages left every day at the Great Siege Memorial. From their point of view the 'problem' has been addressed. Their own supporters no longer call them to harass them and use sexist metaphors about men in power not having the balls to [...]

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