Who needs friends?

The editorial of l-orizzont once published a hit list of people it despised because of their real or perceived association with the interests of the Nationalist Party. It had said it had marked these people for elimination.

Today they also target someone in the Nationalist Party but they seek their preservation.

L-orizzont is not exceptional. It simply echoes, in a vehement, explicit style the bizarre and surreal line taken by Labour Party spokespeople calling for Adrian Delia to remain in place. It is bizarre because with one hand they slap him and with the other they cuddle him. It’s what I imagine sex with a polar bear could be like.

The editorial of l-orizzont was so far out in its defence of the PN leader that it was even too embarrassing for Albert Gauci Cunningham, veteran poster boy of the Labour Party, to avoid going off script. Here’s his post from earlier today.