If you’ve watched The Great Hack on Netflix, it might be interesting for you to re-read this piece I wrote a year ago today. It was around the time the UK House of Commons committee prominently featuring in their documentary issued their interim report and said they had reasons to believe Cambridge Analytica’s mother company — SCL — was involved with Malta’s Labour Party and Christian Kaelin of Henley and Partners before the 2013 elections.

That is significant because the Alexander Nix – Christian Kaelin tandem is known to have funded and manipulated elections in small countries in order to organise the election of parties committed to introducing passport schemes like Malta granted exclusively to Henley and Partners.

The government at the time screamed blue murder. They said this was fake news and because the House of Commons’ committee report referred to this website, Joseph Muscat’s government concluded stupid British Parliamentarians were relying on the evil Manuel Delia.

In spite of the government’s protests, the reference to Malta’s Labour Party and the 2013 election was kept in the final report.

If you do open the link from a year ago, you will see an image of an Adrian Delia troll speaking rather unflatteringly about me. Since then we have learnt that the author of that post, “John Formosa” is Adrian Delia’s former driver and present right-hand man Julian Micallef. Beautiful, isn’t it?