The PN’s statement that accuses me of an “attakk viljakk u personali fuq Adrian Delia” does not dare to speak my name. I’m referred to instead as a “blogger” which is the second-worst insult Adrian Delia can come up with. One day, I’m sure I’ll make it to “biċċa blogger”.

Last night around 50 PN Councillors in Tarxien were regaled with the spectacle of a very, very angry Adrian Delia, the sort we will always remember when Adrian Delia was reacting to Daphne Caruana Galizia’s reporting during his leadership campaign.


He started by explaining why he was late as if he’s ever on time for anything. He said he was busy dealing with the ‘malicious lies that were spread about him today attacking his children’. He said that ‘Eddie (Fenech Adami) taught him when he was a 16-year old that ‘the harder we’re attacked, the more resolute we become’.

What utter nonsense.

Look, Adrian Delia, I’m not responsible for your mortgage and your timely payments therefor. You are. So if you get warning letters from the bank which you do not open, get fined by the bank and get sued by your wife for not paying your mortgage the only one here being charged for ‘attacking your children’ is not me.

I have no idea what Eddie Fenech Adami could have told you when you were 16. That was, apparently the first and only time you ever attended a PN activity before you became its leader so if he really did notice your scrawny teenage self in the crowd in Tal-Barrani his gift of foresight is nothing short of miraculous. But when he was speaking of “attacks” to be resolute about, no one was talking about his unpaid mortgage payments. He was resolute in his fight against the thuggery that sought to suppress basic freedoms.

He would have been warning you against the behaviour of politicians who claim they have been elected “bl-aktar mod demokratiku” as the Labour regime of 1981-1987 did, and use that as a pretext to attack free speech and use thugs to bully dissenters into submission.

That would be you. You led a charge today shooting the messenger, aided and abetted by some reporters who are kicking themselves for not noticing your wife’s judicial protest before I did so to get a fresh view of this story are instead reporting your outlandish accusations that I am lying about you or attacking your children.

And then your charge is followed by your dozens of trolls who are loudly imaging my spectacular death most of them involving being run over by buses imported when I worked in government.

Your Secretary-General earlier this week apologised profusely to another news organisation when a couple of your bullies charged reporters covering the mess you’re responsible for in the PN. He assured those editors however they weren’t acting on the party’s authorisation.

As you hit out to fight and secure your political survival at the expense of the party you last belonged to when you were 16, you should perhaps ensure your Rottweilers do nothing else which your Secretary-General might have to apologise for.