The PN statement defending the Great Leader from my “attakk viljakk u personali fuq Adrian Delia” makes a lot of fuss about the fact that today’s stories appeared before Adrian Delia faces a confidence motion at the PN General Council this Saturday.

In fact, the full heading of the statement, reproduced below, is “Cowardly and personal attack on Adrian Delia on the eve of an important vote at the General Council”.

Quite apart from the fact that coward must mean something else in the PN’s dictionary, the real logical conundrum here is whether the PN is saying that had the report on yesterday’s judicial protest been published after Saturday’s vote would they have been ok with it?

It would seem to me that that is indeed what they’re saying.

If so the PN feels its Councillors ought not to have been made aware just before they’re asked to confirm him in his office, the party leader fell behind on his bank repayments.

That can only mean one thing. They are happy hiding facts from their own General Councillors to ensure that General Councillors vote in the manner they want them to.

When politicians seek to hide, it is the duty of the free press to uncover. There could hardly be a stronger case for publishing and be damned.