The reaction of Labour’s trolls to the BBC Radio series on Daphne Caruana Galizia’s life illustrates the venom and oppressive abuse no dramatisation can fully explain in the way witnessing real experience can.

Saviour Balzan, Tony Zarb and the others did not actually listen to the full series yet. Very few people have. Most can have only heard the first 2 of 5 episodes yet because that’s what has been broadcast by the time of writing this.

They are merely angry because it is happening.

It’s exactly what used to happen when she was still alive. They would fulminate against her writing without ever actually reading it.

Saviour Balzan tries to distance himself from Tony Zarb by assuring us that he does not think it was nice that she was blown up in a car. As if that qualification can ever be followed by a ‘but’.

But with Saviour Balzan there’s much that follows a but, and what comes after is the same line as Tony Zarb’s.

Daphne Caruana Galizia deserves to be forgotten, her journalism ignored, her courage and determination explained away as the hysterical stubbornness that afflicts women of a certain age who forget their place. 

What they’re really angry about is the fact the BBC is never going to run a radio play about Tony Zarb. Or about Saviour Balzan. Or even about Joseph Muscat.

Though to be fair Joseph Muscat’s story arc is not yet complete. I can see ‘the rise and fall of Joseph Muscat’ making a good narrative for a drama about a tin-pot dictator who thought he could rule the world until he found his comeuppance.

In the meantime, there’s the heroic story of a woman who, working alone, stood up to that tin-pot dictator and found herself blown up in her car when she was only mid-way through her work.

If Saviour Balzan, Tony Zarb and all the other trolls think that an (excellent) radio series on the BBC is the last they’ve heard of Daphne Caruana Galizia, there are some surprises still to come their way.

The world will not rest until truth and justice are served. And even when that happens, they will still have Daphne’s life and times, her example and the inspiration she is to so many. 

Because right may not win every time, but it tends to last longer.