Caruana Galizia family in court to ask Joseph Muscat to get off Daphne’s investigation and for him to be investigated

2019-12-02T12:21:49+01:00Mon, 2nd Dec '19, 12:21|

As disgraced Joseph Muscat continues to squat the prime minister's office, Daphne's husband Peter and her sons Matthew, Andrew and Paul filed a judicial protest demanding Joseph Muscat to remove himself from the investigation into her mother's murder both in the criminal investigation and in the separate independent inquiry. The family recalled how Joseph Muscat's [...]


2019-12-02T12:06:56+01:00Mon, 2nd Dec '19, 12:06|

Last Saturday, 30 November, some remembered the 33rd anniversary of the Tal-Barrani incidents. The PN Opposition of the time called a meeting in Żejtun but the Labour government banned a PN gathering in a place it considered its own. The PN defied them and thugs used violence to block them access to Żejtun as the [...]

No wonder he’s worried

2019-12-02T11:07:05+01:00Mon, 2nd Dec '19, 11:07|

There are quite a few mourners for the disgraced Joseph Muscat's eventual departure from the prime minister's office. Some are quite funny actually but I'm hardly in the mood for jokes. Maybe I'll see the funny side when he actually leaves if he ever does. Castille is looking more and more like Hotel California. But [...]

The Chamber of Advocates join the chorus calling for Joseph Muscat to leave now

2019-12-02T10:35:32+01:00Mon, 2nd Dec '19, 10:35|

The Chamber of Advocates has been reticent to speak out these past two years. I suppose caution and circumspection comes with the job. The present committee certainly cannot be accused of intuitively leaning towards the opposition. All these are reasons to take even more seriously their remarks. Here is their statement: “Prime Minister’s Position Is [...]

It’s like a video game

2019-12-02T10:15:49+01:00Mon, 2nd Dec '19, 10:15|

This is "Freedom" Square this morning just outside Parliament. I was in the room when Renzo Piano sketched with a green crayon his idea to lift the Parliament chamber on stilts so that an open square could be left underneath it. His idea was that Parliament should not be squatting in the space of the [...]

Carlo Bonini: Barricades in Valletta

2019-12-02T10:04:47+01:00Mon, 2nd Dec '19, 09:02|

This piece was published in Italian this morning in Carlo Bonini's La Repubblica. My translation of his article is published here on his request and with his permission. In Malta, the EU’s smallest country, at the end of a week that forever changed its history, the epilogue of the story that speaks not only to [...]

Get a room

2019-12-02T08:22:17+01:00Mon, 2nd Dec '19, 08:22|

Konrad Mizzi is fully expecting to be rehabilitated back into cabinet, to continue to enjoy immunity from investigation, let alone prosecution and to continue to cash in from the corruption that was on his roadmap before he stepped into our lives to fuck us over with his now legendary "shame on you, minister". In this [...]

The mafia wants to choose the next prime minister

2019-12-02T08:07:18+01:00Mon, 2nd Dec '19, 08:07|

There are so many ways in which this is a constitutional crisis, another layer had to be added to it yesterday. The Labour Party issued a statement reporting on the meeting held at Girgenti for the Labour parliamentary party. The statement said the group has unanimous and full confidence in Joseph Muscat. That is politically [...]

Joseph Muscat has to go now. He needs to know now.

2019-12-03T08:19:16+01:00Sun, 1st Dec '19, 21:19|

Disgraced self-described prime minister Joseph Muscat, who continues to squat in Castille well past his useful life in office, said civil disobedience is not acceptable in a democratic society. That's because the toppled emperor Joseph 1 confuses democracy with what North Korea means when it says it's the Korean Democratic Republic. Civil disobedience is not [...]

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