Socialist MEP says EU Commission can no longer drag its feet and must act on Malta’s rights violations

2019-12-11T11:30:46+01:00Wed, 11th Dec '19, 11:30|

Italian Socialist MEP Giuliano Pisapia has said in a statement announcing a formal parliamentary question to the European Commission that the EU, particularly the Commission, must now intervene on the situation in Malta were more signs keep emerging of violations of individual and collective rights. "The tragic death of Daphne Caruana Galizia has lifted the [...]

GUEST POST: The Most Serene Republic of Malta

2019-12-11T10:51:31+01:00Wed, 11th Dec '19, 10:51|

As an uncompromising republican, perhaps this is a good time to say that just because I publish a guest post does not necessarily mean I agree with all the guest author says. This one is by Aaron de Giorgio, who is not as committed to the republic as I am. The Oxford English dictionary defines [...]

Azerbaijan civil society: Ilham Aliyev’s corruption is not the people’s fault

2019-12-11T10:32:37+01:00Wed, 11th Dec '19, 10:32|

Azerbaijani civil society organisation “Democracy for Azerbaijan” sent a message to the people of Malta in a statement expressing regret about any confusion that may exist between the Azerbaijani people and the corruption of their government led by President Ilham Aliyev. “The current president of Azerbaijan and his family members as well as other Azerbaijani [...]

We are being watched

2019-12-11T10:14:16+01:00Wed, 11th Dec '19, 10:14|

It is of some comfort that the governments of Germany and the Netherlands will be sending representatives to monitor the independent inquiry into Daphne Caruana Galizia's assassination. It is likely other countries will follow suit. That's after international free speech NGOs and journalists from all over the world threw light on Malta and kept it [...]

GUEST POST: What matters now

2019-12-11T10:33:23+01:00Wed, 11th Dec '19, 10:00|

We are being distracted by a race for leadership while Joseph and Keith still weave and spin their web. At this point I believe it is crucial to concentrate on the main matter under consideration. Who ordered Daphne's murder? We should all be asking ourselves whether the State should be prepared to negotiate with a [...]

Occupy Justice to European Council President: take a position on the situation in Malta

2019-12-11T09:51:18+01:00Wed, 11th Dec '19, 09:51|

The following is a letter sent by #occupyjustice to the President of the European Council Charles Michel President of the European Council Rue de la Loi B-1048 Bruxelles Belgique December 11, 2019 Dear President Michel, The summit being held this week on December 12 and 13, is the first since your appointment as President of [...]


2019-12-11T09:46:16+01:00Wed, 11th Dec '19, 09:46|

Paul Caruana Galizia was recognised yesterday as the UK's New Journalist of the Year. Before his was mother was killed, Paul was a published historian. Good history is written by good writers. After his mother was assassinated, Paul diverted his skills to journalism and immediately made a mark. His brothers tweeted yesterday bursting with pride. [...]

The toxicity of Joseph Muscat

2019-12-11T09:31:35+01:00Wed, 11th Dec '19, 09:31|

Look at the cover story on Panorama. It's about guilt by association. Before the 2017 election, after the Panama scandal came out and when Joseph Muscat called an election a year ahead of time for reasons never fully explained, Matteo Renzi came to a Labour Party meeting to profess his love of the great Joseph. [...]

The small band that captured the country

2019-12-11T08:53:43+01:00Wed, 11th Dec '19, 08:53|

This post by Labour MEP Alex Agius Saliba is full of lies. The view that Joseph Muscat should resign immediately is not extremist given his office and his staffers have been named in a murder investigation. Civil disobedience is the opposite of anarchy. It is an escalation of protest in defence of the State not [...]

The Republic belongs to its people

2019-12-13T18:02:23+01:00Wed, 11th Dec '19, 08:39|

It is indicative of how undemocratic and intolerant the paranoid regime is that we are continuously assaulted merely for protesting demanding the prime minister's resignation and justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia. At this point few are prepared to say our demands are not justified. We protested on the 16th of every month for 25 months [...]

If we learn nothing

2019-12-10T00:03:07+01:00Tue, 10th Dec '19, 00:03|

I was on Brian Hansford's TVM show tonight trying to explain why we are worried the Labour Party will ensure justice will not happen after Joseph Muscat leaves. They think justice will be about putting Yorgen Fenech in prison, long may he stay there. Justice is learning the lessons from what happened to make sure [...]

GUEST POST: Universally Alternate

2019-12-09T23:24:17+01:00Mon, 9th Dec '19, 23:23|

It’s at times like this that I miss my “I M Beck” persona. The Times’ decision, after some twenty years and more, to discontinue me, for all that I don’t miss looming weekly deadlines, leaves me bereft of the opportunity to have fun with the Great & Good (scratch that) Bad. Not that fun is [...]

LONG READ: The ringing penny

2019-12-09T17:35:56+01:00Mon, 9th Dec '19, 17:09|

The situation is really troubling. The government’s pretence that everything is OK is becoming increasingly disturbing even to people that have supported Joseph Muscat through thick and thin. This morning I mentioned former Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi and former President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca. They are significant because they are veterans of the Labour Party, [...]

Gaming industry says events in Malta are of “grave and growing concern”

2019-12-09T16:21:37+01:00Mon, 9th Dec '19, 16:21|

An association of major players in Malta's gaming industry declared that recents events in Malta "have been and continue to be of grave and growing concern to the iGaming industry operating internationally and based in Malta. Like many others, our Industry thrives on stability and demands high standards in rule of law of the institutions [...]

GUEST POST: We, the new generation

2019-12-09T15:23:16+01:00Mon, 9th Dec '19, 15:21|

The world seems to be in one of those moments when change is afoot. We see the potential of our own son-of-emigrants Mayor Pete Butigieg from Ħamrun in the US who has an outside chance of trumping Trump, at next year’s election or at least having a go as a potential vice president. He will [...]

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