London protest for justice for Daphne and Malta this Saturday

2019-12-05T08:41:37+01:00Thu, 5th Dec '19, 08:41|

Any friend of Malta in or reasonably near London should make their way to Parliament Square this Saturday at 11:30am for a protest calling for justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia and for Malta. The protest is being called by UK-based activists who have held a two year campaign since Daphne's assassination. It will be my [...]

GUEST POST: Et tu Keith?

2019-12-05T08:13:42+01:00Thu, 5th Dec '19, 08:13|

So I read that Joseph Muscat, Miriam Dalli and Owen Bonnici declared that they felt betrayed by Keith Schembri. Robert Abela allegedly told Joseph Muscat “dak il-kornut fottiek” and the members of the cabinet present at the 6 hour meeting called to decide on whether or not to grant a pardon to Yorgen Fenech were [...]

GUEST POST: Of servitude, iniquity and evil

2019-12-05T08:08:21+01:00Thu, 5th Dec '19, 08:08|

The people who have voluntarily delegated limited power to a governing body to administer the land, have the natural right to overwhelm servitude, iniquity and the evil of government. In the absence of government responding positively to such calls towards righteousness, but instead indulges in the perpetuation of its evil acts, it would lose its [...]

GUEST POST: Crooks, villains, pimps and scoundrels

2019-12-05T07:59:51+01:00Thu, 5th Dec '19, 07:59|

In 2015, Daphne Caruana Galizia reported that Economy Minister Chris Cardona was squatting in a luxury apartment owned by Silvan Fenech, cousin of the man who is now charged with masterminding her assassination, Yorgen Fenech. Dr Muscat had rightly duelled with Finance Minister Tonio Fenech in 2009 after then Minister Fenech travelled to watch a [...]

Being European

2019-12-05T09:35:06+01:00Thu, 5th Dec '19, 07:45|

Apologists for Joseph Muscat want to represent the ongoing battle for Malta’s conscience as a struggle between Nationalists and Labourites. That’s the only way they hope to convince habitual voters of the Labour Party to do what they’ve never been asked to do before: overlook murder and assume everyone who’s saying killing a journalist and [...]

GUEST POST: Reforming our Political Society

2019-12-04T07:35:20+01:00Wed, 4th Dec '19, 07:35|

The evolving chaotic, turbulent and surreal, but submissively long-awaited events, for which international media and institutions have anointed the islands as the prototype of a misfunctioning liberal democracy, should not just lead towards ascertaining that justice prevails. This would only be reverting to normality respecting the rights, freedoms and responsibilities as enshrined in the law [...]

GUEST POST: Survival Instinct

2019-12-04T07:16:28+01:00Wed, 4th Dec '19, 07:16|

Fine. Several people have finally found their voice in the last few weeks after three whole years of blatantly clear evidence in full view and two years after the mafia assassinate a journalist. But the stark truth is that at this very, very, very late stage this is now simply a case of basic survival [...]

GUEST POST: Bullies do not win

2019-12-04T07:01:22+01:00Wed, 4th Dec '19, 07:01|

Sent in by someone known to me. Practice what you preach, will you? As parents, we preach endlessly to our children how to handle a bully. Tell someone, get help, stand up for yourself. We try to show kindness, to respect, to help others, to value life, to follow basic rules of conduct and behaviour. [...]

GUEST POST: Two years of shame

2019-12-04T05:25:14+01:00Wed, 4th Dec '19, 05:25|

This article was first published on The Times of Malta in two parts under the heading Ashamed to be Maltese on 22 and 29 October 2017. It was written the day after Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed. I never thought that I would feel so ashamed, disgusted,  afraid and angered about my own country and [...]

Four anarchic, nationalist cats

2019-12-03T20:01:11+01:00Tue, 3rd Dec '19, 16:35|

Christian Peregin, who is churning out one top notch commentary after another, wrote at one point that it would be a mistake for the Labour party to try to project the ongoing crisis as a tribal issue between Laburisti and Nazzjonalisti. When Michael Farrugia said protesters amounted to "PN", NGO Aditus was furious. They have [...]

Talk of blood

2019-12-03T15:49:50+01:00Tue, 3rd Dec '19, 15:49|

After being distracted for a week or so it appears Neville Gafa' has been delivering from Keith Schembri's house the hymn sheet for Labour ministers and parliamentarians to sing from. One MP after the other is standing up to accuse protesters of "wanting bloodshed". Quite how they know what protesters "want" if protesters haven't actually [...]

The squatter of Castille

2019-12-03T20:02:12+01:00Tue, 3rd Dec '19, 15:27|

This is how you greet a disgraced former prime minister who won't leave his office for fear of handcuffs. Now Joseph Muscat, just go. Everyone is telling you to. Lawyers, Pharmacists, taxmen, journalists of all shades including your former fans, militants of your own party. Everyone except the last remaining yes men you hired to [...]

You read The Times today? In what universe should Keith Schembri be a free man right now? One controlled by Joseph Muscat. Protest tonight.

2019-12-04T05:34:43+01:00Tue, 3rd Dec '19, 08:39|

Keith Schembri is expressly named in a document found in Yorgen Fenech's possession written by Melvin Theuma, the man pardoned by Joseph Muscat as a mastermind in the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. And yet, on Joseph Muscat's orders, Keith Schembri has already been exonerated by the police. This is a cover-up. Of a murder. [...]

He scurried like a wet rat

2019-12-03T08:16:06+01:00Tue, 3rd Dec '19, 08:16|

He left Parliament through the basement, rushed out in the dark through a deserted ditch. Disgraced Joseph Muscat’s day of ignominy was represented best in the way he exited it like a rat abandoning a sinking ship. He planned his standard display of braggadocio. He scheduled a debate in Parliament to discuss the killing of [...]

GUEST POST: Tangentopoli 2

2019-12-02T13:05:40+01:00Mon, 2nd Dec '19, 13:05|

Penal responsibility is personal. On 17th February 1992, Italian Judge Antonio Di Pietro ordered the arrest of Mario Chiesa for accepting a bribe from a Milan cleaning firm.  It looked like a low-level isolated minor charge.  As it happened, however, Chiesa was a member of the centre-left Italian Socialist Party (PSI), and, PSI’s leader Bettino [...]

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