Updated at 16:02

An entrepreneur who has set up a co-location facility in St Julians for “digital nomads” people working remotely in cities away from home, has warned Minister Silvio Schembri he would reveal information on the minister’s “personal involvement and interests” in the Blockchain project unless the policy of deporting third country nationals who lose their jobs within 10 days of their dismissal is withdrawn.

The entrepreneur who’s Facebook identity says he is called Daniel Go (Updated at 16:02. Daniel Go’s full name is Daniel Goebel. An earlier version of this report correctly said that Mr Goebel “is the founder of Cocohub Malta”. He is no longer connected to that project) .

On his Facebook Mr Goebel posted a video which appears to have been filmed in a European city.

On the entrepreneur’s Facebook page there is also a previous post where he criticises Minister Silvio Schembri for removing Facebook user’s ability to comment on his page after a barrage of complaints published after Silvio Schembri said in parliament that “foreigners” losing their jobs in the wake of the coronavirus crisis would be deported as “charity begins at home”.

The minister later sought to withdraw the remarks but the government has shown no sign of amending the standard procedure of deporting third country nationals who do not manage to prove they have found a new job within 10 days of losing the previous one. Campaigners for third party nationals say that in the midst of the present crisis a 10 day limit is impractical.

‘Daniel Go’ who is believed to be from the Netherlands criticised Silvio Schembri and accused him and his government of lacking basic values when they threaten to deport third country nationals that have given so much for Malta’s economic growth.

At the conclusion of his video ‘Daniel Go’ gives Minister Schembri a stark warning: “We will use the instruments against you which we picked up from you guys. We will share our idea about your personal involvement and interests during the times when your idea was to make Malta a block chain island and why there was so much force behind it. Act now. Europe is watching. We are not afraid, dear Mr SCAM-bri,” the video concludes.