PODCAST: To find the mind’s construction

2020-10-21T12:50:43+02:00Wed, 21st Oct '20, 12:50|

Manuel Delia · PODCAST- To Find The Mind's Construction Consuelo Scerri Herrera strikes again. She decided on the appeal by Paul Sheehan, who, as Manuel Mallia’s chauffeur, whipped out his gun while chasing a stranger he felt had driven too close to his car, and shot at his victim’s car multiple times. That’s all the [...]

Will the Roly Poly man stand for this outrage?

2020-10-21T11:33:51+02:00Wed, 21st Oct '20, 11:33|

Silvio Parnis has been outdone. After the elderly got a Roly Poly of dubious health benefit from him for bearing with being permanently cooped up in their rooms while we happily give covid to each other, his Gozo colleague Clint Camilleri saw Parnis's bet and upped the ante. I recognise fig rolls, almond biscuits and [...]

UPDATED: Stop the Mrieħel towers

2020-10-21T14:51:04+02:00Wed, 21st Oct '20, 11:19|

Those skyscrapers going up in the middle of the island are worse than a row of sore thumbs. I will not comment about their appearance, the congestion, the alteration to the skyline and the landscape, the traffic, or even the case for or against economic need. I’ll leave that to the experts. But the Mrieħel [...]

Silvio Schembri will wash your car

2020-10-20T13:59:00+02:00Tue, 20th Oct '20, 13:59|

Look at the poster below, advertising a charity event to raise money for l-Istrina. The event is "organised by" Silvio Schembri's economy ministry. This is what we have come to. Instead of actually developing an economy with something less ephemeral than a stupidly smiling robot, Silvio Schembri is ensuring social inclusion by getting wet and [...]

Should we be thanking Commissioner Helena Dalli too?

2020-10-20T12:27:30+02:00Tue, 20th Oct '20, 12:27|

The European Commission has just given its reasons why it will be starting an infringement procedure against Malta and Cyprus on the passport selling scheme. There was no mention of Roberta Metsola and David Casa who are, according to Robert Abela, responsible for this mess. This is from a statement by the European Commission: The [...]

Who do we have to thank?

2020-10-20T11:36:13+02:00Tue, 20th Oct '20, 11:36|

The prime minister said we have Roberta Metsola and David Casa to thank for the European Commission’s decision to start infringement proceedings to stop us selling European passports. If he were even right, I’d be sending them some flowers and a scented card. The reason the Commission is starting an infringement procedure is, at least [...]

Repubblika “appalled” at Zammit Lewis remarks that ‘looking at social media’ amounts to adequate consultation

2020-10-19T13:54:46+02:00Mon, 19th Oct '20, 13:54|

In a letter to President George Vella, Repubblika today reacted to remarks made Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis who dismissed criticism by the Venice Commission that the government introduce constitutional laws without consultation saying the government looked at social media. Repubblika referred to Edward Zammit Lewis’s remarks after President George Vella recently published his proposals [...]

PODCAST: Out of hand

2020-10-20T06:40:44+02:00Mon, 19th Oct '20, 13:26|

Manuel Delia · Out Of Hand The disastrous handling of the mounting covid crisis continues to expose the inadequacy of the governance of this country. Every single decision of import in Malta depends on the abilities, conscience and integrity of the prime minister and when these are found wanting, people die. If this sounds like [...]

Media security detail

2020-10-19T10:47:22+02:00Mon, 19th Oct '20, 10:47|

Yesterday the Sunday Times of Malta and Malta Today ran a story together naming individuals in Malta’s criminal underworld, explaining their alleged involvement in the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, but also their involvement in organised crime by giving specific examples of crimes they are or have allegedly been involved in. The name ‘tal-Maksar’ has [...]

GUEST POST: A confederacy of liars

2020-10-19T07:26:22+02:00Mon, 19th Oct '20, 07:26|

“A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood.” – William Shenston Joseph Muscat’s regime was rotten to the core. It was based on deceit, misinformation or the lack of information and blatant lies. His career was characterised by doublespeak and thrived on corruption. In his [...]

GUEST POST: Never Give Up

2020-10-19T07:09:26+02:00Mon, 19th Oct '20, 07:09|

This post was written by a 17-year-old woman who wished to remain anonymous. 3 years have passed since Daphne was assassinated. 3 years since we were made aware of the crumbling state of our democracy, if we can still call Malta that. So many events have transpired since then, but ultimately, most things have remained [...]

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