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Silent March in honour of Daphne Caruana Galizia

2017-11-16T21:56:31+01:00Wed, 15th Nov '17, 21:17|

I received this press release: On Thursday there will be a silent walk in honour of Daphne Caruana Galizia, who exactly one month ago was brutally assassinated in a car bomb in Malta, 16th October 2017. The walk will start from Valletta’s main entrance at 18:30, and walk through Republic Street to where Daphne’s Memorial [...]

GUEST POST: Analysing the Pilatus reports

2017-11-15T17:09:17+01:00Wed, 15th Nov '17, 15:54|

As MEPs resoundingly endorse the PANA committee's recommendation of an investigation into Pilatus Bank, Godfrey Leone Ganado analyses in-depth the multiple FIAU reports into the institution widely believed to be a money laundering engine for the Azerbaijan regime and Maltese political figures. He starts by providing extracts from relevant reports in order to pave the [...]

Labour MEPs against the investigation of the compliance of Nexia BT with money-laundering laws

2017-11-14T20:41:06+01:00Tue, 14th Nov '17, 20:41|

Malta Labour MEPs said today they were against any investigations into whether Nexia BT, the accountancy firm belong to the prime minister's accountant Brian Tonna, complied with money laundering regulations. This in spite of the fact that such investigation was called by the PANA committee that investigated and reported on the fall-out in Europe from [...]

Alfred Sant believed Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi should have resigned. Then he changed his mind.

2017-11-14T20:26:04+01:00Tue, 14th Nov '17, 20:26|

Former Labour prime minister Alfred Sant told me today he wanted Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi to resign from office. But then he changed his mind. I was asking him questions at a press conference he was giving with his assistants Miriam Dalli and Marlene Mizzi, the first conference ever in the newly named Salle [...]

Le Monde: Company managed by Bannister “misappropriated” EBRD funds

2017-11-14T10:52:17+01:00Tue, 14th Nov '17, 10:52|

In its report on the Paradise Leaks, Le Monde interprets the leaks from Appleby to show that the company Joe Bannister “managed, misappropriated public funds from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)”. This concerns a company registered in the British Virgin Islands that invested in a Russian mining company and applied and obtained [...]

Joseph Muscat off to hawk passports again

2017-11-14T09:39:51+01:00Tue, 14th Nov '17, 09:39|

What is it with this guy that whenever a matter of national importance comes up that he's not setting himself on the agenda he buys a First Class ticket for himself, Keith Schembri and Kurt Farrugia and goes to sell passports? While the European Parliament debates today the collapse of rule of law in Malta, [...]

Today in Strasbourg

2017-11-14T20:28:46+01:00Tue, 14th Nov '17, 09:14|

I’m half way through a short trip to the European Parliament in Strasbourg as a guest of the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani who asked a number of journalists from Malta to be present when the building’s main press hall is renamed Salle Daphne CARUANA GALIZIA in the presence of her family. Yesterday [...]

University investigated Joe Mifsud for financial irregularities

2017-11-13T15:52:26+01:00Mon, 13th Nov '17, 14:44|

Financial investigations were ordered by the University of Malta into alleged malpractice and financial misconduct by Joe Mifsud, the “Mystery Professor” currently being named in connection with investigations into alleged Russian interference in the last US presidential elections. Ten days after I first asked them, the University of Malta has finally replied to questions regarding [...]

GUEST POST: Reflections four weeks on

2017-11-13T13:56:39+01:00Mon, 13th Nov '17, 13:56|

By a regular contributor to this site: Four weeks have dragged by.... A tortuous, arduous month since Daphne's assassination rocked Malta, Europe, and the furthest corners of the globe. I keep pondering why this had to happen, searching for solace, but instead I find myself even more enraged, ravaged, empty. A sea of convoluted thoughts [...]


2017-11-13T13:50:49+01:00Mon, 13th Nov '17, 06:24|

Mr Kenneth Ciappara, whoever he is, posts on Karol Aquilina’s Facebook wall, and sums up the thinking of the little man in such a stark and erudite manner that it cannot go unremarked. My translation follows. Translation: One would have to admit Mr Aquilina that we the people know that there is all sort of [...]

While Rome burns …

2017-11-12T19:39:17+01:00Sun, 12th Nov '17, 19:39|

Here's Konrad Mizzi in London on the Instagram account of Charlotte Crosby. I had to google her name because I'm not entirely au fait with English reality TV. While the European Parliament squeals it does not understand how this man is still in office, for him these are truly l-aqwa żmien. Minister Konrad [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: The change within

2017-11-12T09:51:17+01:00Sun, 12th Nov '17, 09:51|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: The call for national unity after her death is the ultimate insult. It is another characteristic attempt to plaster over the wounds she worked so hard to reveal, and for which she ended up giving her life. This is not the time to think like bees, circling [...]

L’Espresso: Parola d’ordine. Dimenticare Daphne (with English translation)

2017-11-12T09:44:34+01:00Sun, 12th Nov '17, 09:44|

My piece in today's L'Espresso. English translation below. The assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia in Malta sent shockwaves throughout the world. But not in most of Malta. After a few hours of inane platitudes from the political leaders the country mobilised again along its traditional bipolar lines. In her writings Daphne used to call them [...]


2017-11-12T09:05:31+01:00Sun, 12th Nov '17, 09:05|

Today’s illum publishes a ‘story’ by Saviour Balzan that is presented as exclusive and ground breaking but instead repeats a whitewash that has been known for months. The FIAU ‘found nothing’ when it concluded its investigations into Pilatus Bank. We knew that. Saviour Balzan reports with excitement that he is aware that in September 2016 [...]

Junior College: The Cultural Revolution

2017-11-12T00:06:19+01:00Sat, 11th Nov '17, 23:52|

So sixth-formers have elected their new students council committee. Most of them have only left secondary school some five months ago. Around half of them have been in high school for a year. They are organised as Labour and Nationalist parties, coded as Pulse and SDM. I’d be a hypocrite if I said I thought [...]

Labour on the wrong damage-limitation mission

2017-11-11T22:20:20+01:00Sat, 11th Nov '17, 22:20|

Alfred Sant and Miriam Dalli are leading the charge to limit the undoubted damage expected from Tuesday's European Parliament debate in Strasbourg. The European Parliament is expected to find what we've known for years and Labour kept denying: that rule of law in Malta is ignored by its government and democracy is failing. You can [...]

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