Moron Alex Agius Saliba did some rainbow flag wrapping on a European Parliament’s online magazine carving out the empathic ventricle in his heart and speaking about the need to protect young gay people because we live “in a society that places increasing pressure on all of us”.

He says that we should prioritise everyone’s mental health, and look out for the most vulnerable to take care of their mental wellbeing especially. He says he’s felt “those thoughts at the back of your mind that haunt you at night, that sinking feeling inside on waking up and trying to find the will to live and face another day, the increased heart rate and hyperventilation when you feel anxious and have trouble concentrating.”

And he’s especially worried about young gay people. Someone has to worry about them, someone has to take care of them. Alex Agius Saliba can take care of them and all vulnerable people in our society.

He loves all humans.

As long as they’re not black. Yuck. Those fuckers can just drown. Whatever their sexual orientation, society is entitled to put enough pressure on them to sink them to a watery grave. They’re not even entitled to get a lawyer to represent them in court if their relatives are killed by the state.

When black people are haunted by thoughts at night it’s about their young brothers dying of thirst after being left for 6 days without water in the sun by a government who didn’t want to go out for them ostensibly for fear of a virus. If they are survivors, they may be haunted by the memory of the despair that forced them to try to have the first swim of their life across 10 miles of deep water towards distant cliffs and stopped by a huge military boat driving right over them with soldiers on board holding automatic weapons and pointing them vaguely in their direction.

I bet some of those migrants were gay. I bet they had their fair share of psychological torture for their sexual orientation to have to handle before they were told they would be sent back to torture chambers and concentration camps in the Libyan desert for being black.

Alex Agius Saliba will say he did not “attack” black people but only the lawyer who is representing them, Paul Borg Olivier. He “attacked” him for being a traitor when representing foreigners in a case against the government of Malta in Maltese courts. But by Alex Agius Saliba’s logic no Maltese lawyer should presume to represent black people against the government. Because black people, even the straight ones, have no rights.

Perhaps Alex Agius Saliba should ask Robert Abela about this issue. Robert Abela’s law firm defended Eritrean migrants from a Nationalist government’s attempt at pushing them back to a country where they would have almost certainly been tortured and likely killed. Was that treason? Of course not.

Alex Agius Saliba, pretend defender of gay rights, speaks like a church-going sugar plantation slave owner.

They’re all such good disciples of the religion of Joseph Muscat. In 2014 he was trying to illegally corral black people and fly them to torture and death in Libya when a group of Maltese lawyers stepped in defence of these people and stopped him doing it.

Daphne Caruana Galizia had summed it up nicely at the time: “The prime minister is speaking in parliament right now and there is only one word to describe his behaviour: disgusting. It reveals how false he is when he speaks about gay and transgender issues, and how he does it only for votes. It is impossible for the same person to respect the rights of homosexuals while violating human rights in defiance of a European Court of Human Rights ruling. The same mindset cannot encompass both, which means that his support for ‘gay and transgender rights’ is a false one of convenience and not of conviction.”

She could have been writing about Alex Agius Saliba.