The indomitable BugM said this was the strongest case yet for abolishing party-owned media.

And of course, he has a point. Political parties should not be allowed anywhere near the control deck of a TV studio because unwatched, unasked, unchallenged their worst instincts come to the surface.

Consider that the Labour Party does not feel the least bit worried about being represented by Karl Stagno Navarra. This is not a personal criticism of the presenter. Anyone who shows up on TV is eligible to criticism so there’s no such thing as a perfect choice.

But why would the Labour Party be comfortable being represented on TV by someone who openly equates a human-rights law suit filed by the relatives of people drowned at sea by, they believe and allege, government action as “an attack on all that is Maltese”?

Why do we have human-rights laws then? Why do we have courts? Why do we allow people who feel they have suffered as a result of state action or inaction to seek redress?

What the Labour Party is telling us through its TV spokesman here is that no one not born in Malta should have the right to sue the Maltese state even if they believe they have suffered at its hands.

That means the Labour Party does not believe the law is equal for all. It does not believe that irrespective of race of origin, no one can be denied their fundamental rights. It does not believe that everyone is entitled to access justice. It does not believe that one should be free to hire the lawyer of their choice.

The Labour Party is racist. It is fascist. It uses hate and violence to impose its will. It is particularly vile with the most vulnerable.

It is also popular, well-resourced and enjoys considerable majority support.

But the latter set of observations does not dilute the former.

The Labour Party is drunk with the power that it enjoys, and in that wine of power lies the truth of what it thinks. Unchallenged and unquestioned on its own TV station it professes its politics of racial supremacy where the will of the party and its leader are the law and anyone who dares challenge it a traitor.

This video is more than a strong case against party-owned media. This video is a strong case against the Labour Party. Most things, almost anything, is better than this.