Republik: Island of Silence (long read)

2018-04-11T08:34:17+02:00Wed, 11th Apr '18, 08:34|

Swiss on line publication Republik is serialising a long feature on Malta after Daphne Caruana Galizia's assassination six months ago. It's in German, but Google Translate works beautifully. Sylke Gruhnwald and Tim Roehn spent long stretches of time in Malta on multiple trips. They also worked with the guys at The Shift News. Take some [...]

When Malta was truly tagħna lkoll

2018-04-11T10:46:37+02:00Wed, 11th Apr '18, 08:21|

The choice of Joseph Azzopardi as Chief Justice is remarkably uncontroversial. He was a Labour Party candidate once and served on organs of the Labour Party. But he is not perceived by any stretch of the definition as some plant of the government. The Times of Malta: "Described as an uncontroversial character, Dr Azzopardi is [...]

Andrew Borg-Cardona: Definitely not on, Minister

2018-04-11T08:40:52+02:00Wed, 11th Apr '18, 07:46|

Guest post by Andrew Borg-Cardona. Even if I were a journalist, I hope I would not have attended Minister Owen Bonnici’s press conference on Tuesday, when he sought to justify his failure to show support for the media. He sought to explain why he prefers, apparently, to allow corporate bullies to continue to forum shop in [...]

Oh Glenn!

2018-04-11T07:36:47+02:00Tue, 10th Apr '18, 17:20|

I barely finish writing about how Joseph Muscat’s staff persistently shame the country in the eyes of the world and in steps Glenn Bedingfield with his foot - nay, both his feet - firmly in it. He gets questions from The Guardian and though he does better than his boss – who has been dodging [...]

The Malta image abroad thing

2018-04-10T14:04:28+02:00Tue, 10th Apr '18, 14:04|

Josef Caruana says he wants to be an MEP to compensate for the nasty Nationalists who make Malta look bad in the world. Let’s just look at Josef Caruana’s own record, shall we? And we’ll stick to the highlights. Josef Caruana was the editor of the General Workers’ Union’s l-orizzont. The Malta Independent flattered him [...]

Declaration on Satabank story

2018-04-10T17:18:39+02:00Tue, 10th Apr '18, 08:22|

In my March 3rd story on Satabank I wrote that MyPos, a UK company related to some of the ultimate beneficial ownership of SataBank, was "investigated" for use of its equipment by fraudsters. My report should have stated that fraudsters were investigated, not the supplier of the equipment they use. The error in my report occurred after I reported on a similar [...]

Burmarrad is now Versailles

2018-04-10T06:59:29+02:00Tue, 10th Apr '18, 06:59|

The ‘urgent’ awarding of a planning permit for the prime minister to gut his Burmarrad house is not just embarrassing favouritism. I am not an avukat-perit but I can smell rot as much as the next guy. The permit granted to the prime minister is also illegal. Here’s a summary of the facts. Firstly, Planning [...]

There was never much hope. Just a fool’s hope.

2018-04-09T18:44:05+02:00Mon, 9th Apr '18, 18:44|

We never expected the Labour Party to be our ally in the fight for free speech. We never expected them to protect journalists. We never dared hope they’d protect The Times of Malta, The Malta Independent and Malta Today. We never saw much chance they would defend Lovin’ Malta or The Shift News. In each [...]

EUROMONEY: “No trust in Malta”

2018-04-09T19:34:32+02:00Mon, 9th Apr '18, 17:25|

Anġlu Farrugia may protect Keith Schembri from answering the question whether Schembri was a wedding guest at the Four Seasons in Florence at Ali Sadr's wedding. But alas he cannot protect Malta from the consequences of the friendship struck between Keith Schembri, Ali Sadr and the rest of the gang of crooks that colonised our [...]

Christian Kaelin tells his side of the story in controlled interview

2018-04-09T11:44:03+02:00Mon, 9th Apr '18, 11:36|

In an interview with 'Investment Migration Insider', a website promoting citizenship-sales schemes, Christian Kaelin responds to criticism of passport sales schemes focusing particularly on Malta and retorting in very much the same vein as Joseph Muscat on similar occasions. Christian Kaelin argues criticism of Henley and Partners is largely the product of "envy of (their) [...]

What the Council of Europe ambassadors really said

2018-04-08T16:02:23+02:00Sun, 8th Apr '18, 16:00|

Watch this interview that Fr Joe Borg and myself conducted with Pieter Omtzigt on RTK yesterday to discuss the answers he got from ambassadors for 47 European countries in the Council of Europe about the aftermath of the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. The response was at first reported in Malta coated with the padding [...]

Andrew Borg-Cardona: SLAPPing down Bonnici’s arguments

2018-04-08T15:46:39+02:00Sun, 8th Apr '18, 15:46|

By Andrew Borg-Cardona: On Monday 9th April, the House is set to discuss amendments to the law that will take into account those made by Jason Azzopardi that will seek to remove the clear and present danger of SLAPP suits in foreign jurisdictions. The word on the street is that the Government will not support [...]

Are the works in Burmarrad still to start?

2018-04-08T15:31:01+02:00Sun, 8th Apr '18, 15:24|

The permit issued on a weekend to Joseph Muscat, three weeks after applying, raises suspicions that go beyond the grotesque abuse of a public service forced to serve the private interest of the prime minister. See this story first as background. The record speaks for itself. When still Alfred Sant’s poodle, the permit to develop [...]

Planning Authority convenes on a Saturday to urgently approve a permit for Joseph Muscat’s Burmarrad home

2018-04-07T15:20:59+02:00Sat, 7th Apr '18, 15:19|

Planning Authority staff have been called in at the last minute on a Saturday morning for "urgent work" to find that they were called to process and approve an application by a "Dr Joseph Muscat" for some interior decoration at his Burmarrad home. "Dr Joseph Muscat" is obviously Malta's prime minister who has today, on [...]

“Daphne” A film by La Repubblica and 42° Parallelo

2018-04-07T15:02:12+02:00Sat, 7th Apr '18, 14:57|

This website is hosting the first viewing in Malta of a film by Italian news organisation La Repubblica and documentary makers 42° Parallelo. The film "Daphne" will first be shown in Perugia, Italy, at the International Journalism Festival. The first Malta viewing is being held on 21st April, 2018 at the Sir Temi Zammit Hall, [...]

At least you’ll never run out of fuel

2018-04-07T14:37:48+02:00Sat, 7th Apr '18, 14:37|

The comments around Graffiti’s action at the Planning Authority this week are so loaded with irony that the young guys who took that action must feel perfectly entitled to feel pride for what they did. One remark was classic MDA. Developers speak like Frankenstein’s monster in the Boris Karloff classics: why don’t people realise he’s [...]

G Leone Ganado on Malta’s ranking in the Corruption Perception Index

2018-04-07T14:35:14+02:00Sat, 7th Apr '18, 13:52|

Godfrey Leone Ganado analyses Transparency International’s latest Corruption Perception Index and highlights some important conclusions: To start with, corruption is generally defined as “the misuse of public power for private benefit”. In its summary, the Report highlights that Malta’s ranking dropped from an average ranking of 38th between 2004 and 2015, dropping to 47th in [...]

The Malta sample harvested by Cambridge Analytica was proportionately second largest in Europe

2018-04-07T13:27:09+02:00Sat, 7th Apr '18, 13:27|

Sometimes we have to spell the basics out. I've seen online trolls reacting to the news that Cambridge Analytica harvested 6,000 Facebook accounts from Malta speak like the proper idiots they are. One retort is 'why be too bothered about 6,000 accounts when Labour's majority was of 40,000?' The logic -- oh what a mistaken [...]