Sent in by Patricia Mifsud:

I’ve just finished reading the blog-post Cambridge Analytica psyops methods were used in Malta and have been moved to write this open letter to our Members of Parliament from both sides of the House.

I appeal to all present Labour and Nationalist Members to think very, very carefully about the country’s future. Marlene Farrugia became Independent when the policies of her government became distasteful to her and went against her principles. So did Godfrey Farrugia.

Now I address the Nationalist MPs/MEPs/prospective candidates:  I maintain that your remaining in the Party means that you have no difficulty having Dr Delia as your leader, which means that people like me aren’t going to vote for you. Which means that Joseph Muscat can potentially become a democratically elected autocrat with a two-thirds majority in the House. You can’t pin this on us, the voters. It’s not going to be our fault if we can’t vote for you. I refer you to Daphne’s blog-post A New Way straight back to a dark fascist past: and it’s all about him of which this is but a salient excerpt:

“If this man is elected, the Nationalist Party will be shaved right down to its essential core, far-right vote of inward-looking ultra-conservatives. He spells the destruction of the Opposition, which is precisely what Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri want, and what they have planned out long-term with consultancy advice from Cambridge Analytica. Labour’s long-term plan is not merely resounding victory at the polls and the establishment of a corrupt government, but the destruction of the Nationalist Party. This it will do through the agency of Adrian Delia.”

Now I address the Labour MPs/MEPs/prospective candidates: What can I say? You’re enjoying your stint in power and, truth be told,  it was time for a change in 2013. However, I’m convinced that many of you aren’t completely happy with what is going on in our country. Only you know your reasons for remaining within the Labour Party. I just hope that there are enough Labour leaning supporters who will have a change of heart come the next elections and vote with their minds, not with their hearts, or the way they have traditionally voted in the past.

Finally I address the PD: This time next year, we will be in election mode for the European Parliament elections and Local Council elections nationwide. Get yourselves better organised from now. Many people are dying to give you a chance. Help us see in you a real alternative to the two old and tired Parties.

Patricia Mifsud