Former Pilatus Bank employee Maria Efimova who testified in front of the Magisterial Inquiry into the ownership of Egrant Inc has come out of hiding in Crete and handed herself in to the Athens police in response to an international arrest warrant issued against her by Malta.

The arrest warrant against her was issued after she failed to attend court hearings into a criminal complaint filed against her by her former employer Pilatus Bank that she misappropriated less than 2,000 euro.

She also has another arrest warrant from the Cypriot authorities after a complaint that emerged late last year from her former employer a Russian-owned fragrance company with whom Efimova worked up to four years ago. The complaint is also for misappropriation.

Her decision to give herself up to Athens police was reported by Greek TV.

This website is informed Maria Efimova was increasingly concerned for her safety.

The Athens court will be asked to decide on Malta’s request for Maria Efimova’s transportation to Malta to respond to allegations of misappropriation from Pilatus Bank.

Greek TV reported that Maria Efimova feared she would have the same fate as Daphne Caruana Galizia. She lived in hiding in Crete, where her husband and her two children lived.

She has recently received phone calls from mostly British media that suggested she was involved in the recent British-Russian confrontation with Russia. She had been branded a spy before in a May 2017 speech by Joseph Muscat. Greek TV reported in view of these recent calls, she decided to surrender to the Greek authorities for fear of her life and the security of her family.

The Greek prosecutor’s office is expected to decide today about her fate.