Guest post by someone known to me.

So the Maltese Police Force is trying to justify its lack of action against the Chairman of Pilatus bank Ali Sadr by arguing that the US Authorities never got in touch with them. Not only, but as a gesture of goodwill they are now offering to assist the US authorities in their investigation. Pathetic to say the least.

For anyone who understands how Money Laundering investigations work they would know that anti-money laundering rules prevent what is known as “Tipping Off.” Now what does this mean in practical terms? Under Money Laundering laws, it is a criminal offence for someone to knowingly let someone else know they are the subject of a Money Laundering investigation.

The reason should be obvious. If your money is in the wrong place it should be fairly easy to move it elsewhere and cover your tracks. So know can let you know you’re being watched or the game is up.

In practical terms, the US Authorities basically followed the rules that actually prevent them from informing anyone – including our very own Police and the FIAU – of the investigation into Ali Sadr. What I would add here is that most probably the US Authorities feared (and rightly so) that the Maltese Police or other relevant Authority would most probably inform Ali Sadr of such an investigation in order to allow him to pack all his dirty laundry into leather bags and run away with them in the dead of night. Sounds familiar?

If anything, the fact that the US Authorities did not speak to their Maltese counterparts is a confirmation of how much the Maltese Police force enjoys the respect of other law enforcement agencies.

There was a concrete fear that the Maltese Police would not take any relevant action – and frankly I am not surprised here. When you have a Police force led by an incompetent fool like Laurence Cutajar one doesn’t expect better. On the night when Ali Sadr was delivering to a private jet evidence packed in a number of suitcases, Lawrence (oops should I say Police Commissioner for fear of the RIU coming after me?) was busying himself munching fried rabbit whilst watching his beloved Inter FC not doing too well on TV. No wonder the US Authorities never got in touch with their Maltese counterparts.

What about the MFSA? This once bastion of support for the Financial Services industry has now become a huge liability. The MFSA has failed to protect Malta’s reputation when issuing the Banking License to Pilatus Bank back in January 2014 and it has failed yet again today by deciding not to revoke the same license they issued. The once respected Joe Bannister has proven to be a colossal failure in this respect. As they say, the past is not a guarantee of the future and Joe Bannister is clear confirmation of this. His time is up and he has to go, now.

Finally a word on the Nationalist Party and Adrian Delia who this morning, proud as a peacock, went to strut his stuff together with the other blonde peacock in front of court. AdrianDelia had previously tweeted that the Prime Minister needs to revoke the license of Pilatus bank. This is a bit rich coming from a person who had made a mockery of the accusations previously made by the Journalist (and not a Biċċa Blogger) Daphne Caruana Galizia. Both he and his supporters had actually had the audacity to ask for the proof. Well you bunch of twats – here is the proof – Uncle Sam has shown us how to deal with criminals like Ali Sadr.