Watch John Sweeney’s film about innocent looking assets used by Russia to conduct its cold war activities in the rest of the world. One of these is Maltese star Joseph Mifsud a mystery professor never fully explained. And still in hiding.

Apart from recommending this film because it’s a sheer pleasure to watch, you need to keep this Joseph Mifsud foremost in your mind. Particularly his closeness to Joseph Muscat in the months leading to and following the 2013 election. As John Sweeney explains Joseph Mifsud may say he’s not a spy. But he’s definitely an asset used by Russia’s spy network to pursue the interests of the regime that owns Russia today.

His proximity to Joseph Muscat is followed by the new Malta government’s execution of the best interests of Russian plutocrats. They are granted EU citizenship and a place to avoid the glare of western sanctions.

We can hope to find Joseph Mifsud one day. There are many questions we need to ask him. Though we have to get in a very long line.