Together with Sabrina Provenzani of Il Fatto Quotidiano, I went to the Old Park Lane in Mayfair, London this morning to find out if Pilatus Bank was answering the door.

Here’s as far as we got.


At reception the sign still includes ‘Pilatus’ in the short list of offices in the building. The receptionist took my name, looked at my ID and said she would ask if anyone could see me. She left us at reception and took the elevator on her own upstairs.

I peeked at the visitors register. The last visitor Pilatus has had, visited on the 23rd. That was after Ali Sadr was arrested in the United States. There hadn’t been a visitor for several days before that.

The receptionist came back down. “I’m sorry they’re all in a meeting. No one can see you right now. Would you leave your number and they’ll call you back”. I asked if I could have a number where I could call back. The receptionist said the bank does not give out its phone number. It must be the only bank in the world that doesn’t.

I left my number and Sabrina Provenzani and I left the building.

They haven’t called back yet.