The following guest post from someone known to me reacts to this earlier post of mine in which I wrote that Joseph Muscat “treats the population like Pavlov treated his dogs and no wonder. So many oblige.” 

‘Joseph Muscat treats the population like Pavlov treated his dogs.’ Having a background in psychology I couldn’t help but smile at this observation. It is unfortunately very true.

I read your piece entitled “He gave them 5 passports”.

My reflection on what you wrote. What scares me most is how Joseph Muscat’s manipulation lies in his conviction that faced with a devastating cancer diagnosis of one’s child, no parent would ever dream of refusing Puttinu’s help because the money donated may be coming from illicit activities. He knows damned well that parents who are watching cancer eat away at their kids are willing to accept any help, in whatever form this comes. No parent will ever ask questions when faced with the opportunity to help their child get better. Such thinking has already been echoed in Bjorn Formosa’s thoughts on LovinMalta.

If we truly and honestly had to stop and think about it for a moment, we all know that none of us would care where Puttinu got part of the donations from, if ever we find ourselves in need of their help. We only know that our children’s well-being comes first and that we would readily sacrifice some or all of our principles just to see them get better.

Although we might not voice it, we all know very well that we would be ready to enter into a pact with the Devil if this serves our children any good.

Linking the IIP scheme to more money in Puttinu’s piggy bank or less in its absence, serves Joseph Muscat many purposes. In the minds of people, as long as the money is being put to good use, it does not matter where it is coming from. IIP is now serving a noble cause and in people’s minds it is now legit.

Such an immoral approach can only be the work of a sociopath’s mind.