Or everybody should be. They give an in-depth account this morning of what Ali Sadr appears to have been up to before and while being an owner and a Chairman of a Maltese bank.

It now turns out one other director of Pilatus Bank, Mustafa Cetinel, was also investigated by the US probe that led to the charges against Ali Sadr in an American federal court.

The Financial Times is not impressed by the retorts by Pilatus Bank, by Joseph Muscat’s government, by KPMG, by the MFSA, by the local Police, by the European Banking regulators, and by all those trying to wash their hands of any resposibility for dealing with Pilatus Bank.

Neither  is The Financial Times impressed with the argument that Ali Sadr’s indictments concern activites outside Pilatus Bank.

Let’s stop being facetious about this. The longer we continue to pretend ‘there’s nothing to see here’, the worse our terrible reputation will become.

You will need a subscription to read The Financial Times article. Worth having in any case.