Guest post by D.M.:

To live without strings

A pat on the back
With a grin on the side.
Shameless in their interest,
And whatever else they hide.

In boasts of a majority
Lies secret their intent.
The corruption that they bathe in,
Is to them a compliment.

They watch and wait for your reaction;
They prick you when they can.
A turn of phrase, a drooling gaze
To bait you to their plan.

Though they happen to be many
And you may be the few;
Tyrants wield the arms of fear,
But your defence holds true.

Expect threats and provocation
That besiege your cautious calm.
They’ll use rage and cold command;
Let flowers fill your palm.

When whispers whistle by your ear
And jeers are what the tyrants try;
Hold your shaking fist in toe,
And with temperance, reply.

When the mob dabbles in folly,
Maintain prudence as a state.
Pictures, candles, and some flora
Do not constitute hate.

When they make their orchestrations,
They’ll conduct them in the night.
Only cowards hide in darkness;
Only courage loves the light.

Do not waver from the trial
Even if you stand alone.
Just remember that the struggle
Is for bringing justice home.

And when they send their puppets,
To distort what all can see.
Know their efforts will be futile;
You’re what they can never be.