Guest post by Andrew Borg Cardona:

If you’re sick of the stench of corruption and vileness that has enveloped the country since Joseph Muscat scuttled up the steps to Castille, you know where you need to be on Sunday afternoon.

If you’re sick of the ignorance and outright thuggishness that have become the standard form of argumentation and of the vulgar, ill-spelt grunting that the trolls and minions vomit when deployed, Castille Square at 4pm is where you need to be.

If you’re sick of the institutionalised indifference – at best – towards criminality and corruption or of connivance with it – at worst, but in some cases, most likely – stand up and say so, loudly.

If you’re revolted by the crass arrogance of the people who are there to serve you and not themselves, the arrogance that lets them set up filthy clandestine structures to stash their dirty millions, then get yourself to Valletta on Sunday afternoon.

If you’re revolted – and shamed – by having to live in a country where passports and identities are flogged by the dozen and palmed off by spivs and touts, where crooks set up bespoke banks for the movers and shakers of the darkest depths of sliminess and where regulators are in thrall to the schemers and plotters, then shift your ass to town.

If you’re revolted by the way Joseph Muscat has set himself and his family up as some sort of Imperial Dynasty, faithful retainers and all, with his wife doing her level best to become Eva Peron II and his daughters abusively paraded around like trophies, then come and show it.

If you’re revolted at what this country has become, where corruption, graft and sheer lawless avarice are sanitised by baying crowds rendered oblivious by materiality and tribalism, then show up and show it.

If, like me, you’re ashamed at the way we left Daphne Caruana Galizia to stand up to all of this and more and end up brutally killed for her troubles, and if, like me, you’re as angry as hell at what the thugs have done to your country, then you know where your duty lies.

Stand up and show yourself or live with yourself, it’s your call.