In an interview with ‘Investment Migration Insider’, a website promoting citizenship-sales schemes, Christian Kaelin responds to criticism of passport sales schemes focusing particularly on Malta and retorting in very much the same vein as Joseph Muscat on similar occasions.

Christian Kaelin argues criticism of Henley and Partners is largely the product of “envy of (their) success” where journalists are “fed by crooks”. He also defended threats to the press of SLAPP lawsuits (inflicted on Daphne Caruana Galizia, The Shift News and journalists in Switzerland) saying they were mere efforts to remove fake news.

He defended his close first-name-basis relationship with Joseph Muscat as a natural consequence of “working in a small country”.

Incidentally the interview followed reports on Henley & Partners appearing in press outside Malta, particularly a recent The Spectator report about Henley & Partners’ close and long established association with SCL Elections that would go on to set up Cambridge Analytica.

Now, Christian Kaelin says, they have decided to ignore the reporting on their affairs. Asked about whether he perceives the bad press as a threat to the citizenship sales industry he compares himself to Gandhi and says no one is laughing at him anymore.

After watching the interview click on this link to the Corriere della Sera TV and see why what Christian Kaelin refers to as ‘fake news’ is not fake at all.