Anġlu Farrugia may protect Keith Schembri from answering the question whether Schembri was a wedding guest at the Four Seasons in Florence at Ali Sadr’s wedding.

But alas he cannot protect Malta from the consequences of the friendship struck between Keith Schembri, Ali Sadr and the rest of the gang of crooks that colonised our islands and made them a fiefdom of interests altogether different than the interests of people actually living here.

Maybe Anġlu Farrugia could use his tyrannical powers to persuade Euromoney, specialist banking and finance online magazine read by investors worldwide that its heading of today “Banking: No trust in Malta” is not justified.

Of course it is.

I was speaking to a veteran economist today called upon by generations of governments and businesses to advise on the strategic approach for a development program for Malta. He told me — what you know already — Five years ago Malta was perceived as a “success story”. Small countries around the world look up to Malta as an example. Larger countries paused to listen when she spoke.

Now we lost the trust of the world. It is very difficult to see however we can get it back. Thanks to Joseph Muscat and the wedding invitations he accepted — with all the rest that he was prepared to do for crooks like Ali Sadr and others that are not yet in jail, we are just shy of being branded a rogue state.

You maniacs! You blew it up!