Simon Busuttil and David Casa with their lawyer Jason Azzopardi again walked into a court-room today to do the job that constitutionally belongs to the police. They revealed no secrets and announced no new discoveries. They documented what has already been published and organised it nice and neatly in a court application that exposes the lies, the contradictions and the incontrovertible evidence of crime.

Here’s a summary of what we know so far:

  1. 1.3 million euro have been transferred to 17 Black.
  2. 17 Black is a Dubai company set up in 2013 as a ‘target client’ to deposit moneys in the Panama secret companies owned by Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi.
  3. Schembri and Mizzi denied 17 Black existed when it was first revealed by Daphne Caruana Galizia 14 months ago.
  4. Nexia BT however confirmed in writing 17 Black would be paying money into Schembri’s and Mizzi’s companies.
  5. FIAU had discovered payments of over a 1 million euro into 17 Black from a Seychelles company, Mayor Trans owned by an Azeri.
  6. The payment moved through Latvian ABLV a bank shut down by the European Central Bank for money laundering.
  7. Minister Mizzi made sure he signed the LNG contract personally causing the FIAU to wonder why he was so keen.
  8. In the meantime FIAU found 17 Black received a 161,000 euro from Orion Engineering, owned by Mario Pullicino, local agent for the LNG tanker now in Marsaxlokk Bay.
  9. Konrad Mizzi made repeated unannounced trips to Dubai. Before one of those trips Nexia BT prepared for him documents to open a bank account there.
  10. The police ignored FIAU findings that there was enough evidence to justify suspicions of money laundering.
  11. The FIAU also found Schembri and Mizzi expected their Panama companies to generate around 2 million dollars a year in Bahamas account receipts from 17 Black and Macbridge, yet another Dubai company.
  12. All this was set up for them by Mossack Fonseca for a charge of some 9,000 US dollars.
  13. Nexia BT told Mossack Fonseca Mizzi and Schembri were expecting to earn a 150,000 euro monthly, several times over what they earn in their official – and supposed to be exclusive – capacities.
  14. A fresh development is that in spite of earlier denials, Keith Schembri has now been forced to admit 17 Black existed and was meant to pay money into his group.
  15. The evidence shows that Konrad Mizzi lied to Parliament when he answered a question by Simon Busuttil denying he had any connection with 17 Black when published declarations show the opposite.
  16. We also now know Nexia BT’s Karl Cini repeatedly concealed information and deceived money laundering investigators with false declarations.

These are facts in the public domain backed by documentary evidence. Joseph Muscat refuses to fire them.

The three of them must pack and go.