Tomorrow is not a vigil. God knows Daphne Caruana Galizia deserves one everyday. And if we’re fighting for truth and justice today it’s because Daphne lived her life doing so until she was killed for it. We will continue to remember and remind and insist that justice is done for her and her family for as long as it takes.

But tomorrow is different. Tomorrow we’re going to Valletta to address Joseph Muscat.

We want to protest the continued impunity of Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi as yet more evidence of corruption and wrongdoing emerges. We want to protest the financial pain of people who are paying double for their electricity bills because someone is cashing millions from a corrupt energy deal with Azerbaijan. We want to protest unexplained associations between crime and people in law enforcement that make us feel unsafe in a country where rights appear to be the preserve of the loyal allies of Joseph Muscat.

Tomorrow’s action is not for candles and flowers (though by all means do that before or after). It is not for prayers and silence (except of course feel free in your own time, before or after).

Tomorrow’s action is to give voice to the anger and pain felt in homes and scuttled in fear. Tomorrow we make some noise. Bring something with you to help your voice carry. Bring something with you to bang your anger on.

They are more than we are. But it does not mean we should not make ourselves heard.